3 thoughts on “Which district machine tool industry and mold industry processing plant in Anwei Wuhu is more”

  1. Hello, the original poster:
    Themine industry:
    1, Wuhu Ruisheng Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.;
    , Line 47 Direct Display Center [23, 30 air -conditioned cars on the car on the car, one yuan for ordinary cars, one yuan on the 47th road];
    2, Wuhu Pingding Machine Tool Co., Ltd.;
    Address address : Wuhu Machinery Industry Park, West Sijiwu Road, Wuhu City, Anhui Province
    In transportation: Take the line car from Wuhu to Bay to the Machinery Industrial Park at the Malaysian Passenger Terminal and Long -distance Bus Station; Wuhu Hengsheng Heavyweight Machine Tool Co., Ltd.;
    : Wuhu Machinery Industry Development Zone Yingbin Avenue
    Transit: take the line car from Wuhu to Gulf to the machinery industry at the Malaysia Passenger Terminal and Long -distance Bus Station to the machinery industry Get off at the park;
    4, Anhui Wuhu sheltering machine tool factory
    Address: Wuhu Qingshui Pioneer Park
    n5. Wuhu Red Flag Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
    Address: Longshan Street Jaiqiao North Industrial Park
    bus: 5, 6, 47 to get off at Longshan Street, take a tricycle after getting off the car [ 5, 47, two yuan, 6 air -conditioned cars on the 6th, one yuan for ordinary cars]
    6, Wuhu High -tech heavy machine tools
    Address: Ma Ma, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, Anhui Province Tangzhen Port West Industrial Park
    bus: 34 to Hong Kong West Industrial Park to get off the bus [1 yuan on the 34 road]
    The mold industry:
    Wuhu High -tech Development Zone has a mold city, you go, you go Take a look and go.

  2. There are many hardware stores on Laoshan Road. I do n’t know where the processing factory of the mold machine tool is. Maybe the people on Laoshan Road know.

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