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  1. Anniversary Store Celebration Activity Plan (1)
    . The background of the event
    The days of Sports on the market, there have been nine years since landing on the market. "Nine", for people, has a special significance, and nine means "long". In the East, Nine is the number of emperors. In the West, nine are considered to be the closest to divine. Therefore, Tianchen Sports will use this festive day to host a series of celebrations, to give back to the old customers, and preferential gifts to new customers.
    . Activity theme
    Thenian nine years, integrity to forever! The ninth anniversary of the opening of Tianchen Sports
    . Activity time
    20 ** July 18th -20 ** August 8th
    . Event content
    1 For old customers, launch the "Deel nine years, gratitude return" event
    The old customers will be successfully introduced to a quasi during the event during the event from July 18, 20 **, 20 **, 20 ** Customers and buy products. You can get a gift (yoga mat, foot therapy, badminton racket, table tennis racket, fitness wrist care, etc.). (Or other small products)
    2. For new customers, launch "Deel nine years, gratitude to follow" discount event
    ) During the event, new customers can enjoy 6.5 % off when purchasing products. discount.
    2) During the event, when the new customers buy the product, in addition to enjoying discounts, they can also get a gift (yoga mat, foot therapy, badminton racket, table tennis racket, fitness wrist care, etc.) One. (Or other small products)
    3) Only home machines.
    The annual store celebration activities (2)
    . The theme of the event
    This summer day, let Huayi Taifu bring you more cool; busy life, let Huayi Taifu bring you more Wonderful; summer and autumn changing the season, let Huayi Taifu bring you more benefits; stop gently to let Huayi Thaifu bring you more surprises! At this special moment, let's follow the passage of time to witness the growth of Hua Yifaifu and feel its intoxicating celebration together!
    . The purpose of the event
    The first anniversary of the establishment of Huayi Thai Fulfu Shopping Plaza and promotional activity
    . Activity plan
    1. Market analysis: Huayi Taifu Plaza is located behind Dongshan Pedestrian Street behind And Century Lianhua Supermarket, beside Tushan Road, and on the crossroads and bus stop signs. It can be said that it is in a downtown area with a large traffic. It should have been able to drive a large number of consumer groups. However, during the one -year operation, we found that there are fewer and fewer consumers in the square, and many operators have closed the door to give up their business. These are far from expected benefits. The deserted. For the reason, we can be divided into several aspects:
    ) expensive rent. The geographical location of the square has a good advantage, and the corresponding rent will be high. In order to pay high rents, the merchants will pass the rent to the price of the goods accordingly, resulting in high commodity prices. In the face of strong sales opponents in pedestrian streets, they lose their price advantage and will inevitably lead to consumers' reduction.
    2) The publicity is not strong enough. After the square was established, although it had a certain amount of publicity, the intensity was not enough. For the square and surrounding areas, most consumers are students in the university town and residents of surrounding communities. The characteristics of this consumer group are that the overall consumption level is not high, and the Century Lianhua Supermarket next to the century provides a lot of convenience for their travel. Many people come out of a free bus. This has greatly restricted their consumption time. In addition, the promotion of the square is not in place, causing many people to know that there is the square next to it, but the time limit or understanding is not deep or unwilling to enter the consumption.
    2. Activity plan: For the above analysis, we believe that we can adopt a stage of building a stage, carry out a series of performances and participation in the whole people. At the same time, the ways of various merchants will go out to show and two -pronged approach. The stage effect is to let more people understand the square while stopping the show, and the exhibition is undoubtedly to solve the inventory backlog of various merchants. Merchants can appropriately reduce prices or conduct various promotions.
    3. Specific implementation
    place arrangement: The construction of the stage is arranged at the south gate of the square, that is, at the door of Tushan Road, the stage can be built downstairs in the mobile phone chain of the machine king. The open space will not block the cake shop on the left, and the right is a square in the square, and the elevator is in the middle. The merchants can start the goods or stalls along the right position of the stage or placed at the door of their own door. This stage can drive the exhibition of the right on the right. When people stop to watch the show, they will inevitably pay attention to the exhibition products next to them. If they are cheap, they will inevitably become interested in this and increase the sales of merchants.
    time arrangement: store celebration time arrangement is No. 18, and the entire activity time can be arranged for four days on 16th to 19th. On the 16th and 17th day, it was publicized, and the 18th was the official store celebration, and the 19th was subsequent publicity. The publicity of the previous two days was directly promoted by leaflets, banners, and advertising exhibits, and no stage was required. Stores on the 18th and No. 19 can use the stage effect.
    Plipping method: ⑴16 and 17 of the publicity can be distributed by the staff to send leaflets, and the distribution location can be placed on the buses of the university town and nearby communities. Most of them do nothing when taking buses. When sending leaflets on the bus, people will inevitably browse the leaflet page in order to pass their spare time; The passengers who take the car will also be viewed when they see it, so that they have the effect of flowing publicity and saving the cost of leaflets. ② The road to the Century Lianhua Supermarket and the road at the gate of the square, because these two roads are places with a large traffic.
    幅 banner promotion, after all, not everyone can see the promotional sheet page. A few banners can be promoted at the gate of the square. A few cross -street banners are hung at the road at the gate of the square. You can see and attract passers -by.
    CD18 and No. 19 publicity can be placed next to the stage of publicity, one or two guidelines in front of the exhibition area to guide people to enter the exhibition area, and at the same time at the north gate of the square. There are also two guidelines, one guidance to the stage activity area, and one guidance to the exhibition area.
    The celebrations of No.18 and the follow -up of No. 19 can be placed at the door of the square to create a lively and festive atmosphere at the intersection. At the same time, lion dance at the intersection. A guidance (cost calculation can be omitted).
    stage design: The design of the stage does not need to be too gorgeous, only one table, two curtain promotional advertisements, one theme "Huayi Taifu Plaza Anniversary Store's Olympic Games" and another theme "Hua The creation of the Civilized Cities of Yitai Fu Square "
    This program arrangement: The 18th arrangement is" Olympic ", the time is 14:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon. Speak, then start a series of celebrations, and Q

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