1 thought on “I want to be a courier agent in towns and towns. What conditions do I need?”

  1. Take Yunda Express as an example:
    Oxic franchise conditions
    1. Corporate culture and business philosophy that identify with Yunda Express
    2, high school and above culture level, engaged in the express delivery, logistics industry or equivalent industry preferred
    3, have a certain level of management and management experience, a certain economic strength, social relationship, strong social ability, good reputation, serious and pragmatic career attitude
    4, have a certain ability to resist risk , Pioneering consciousness and service concept, teamwork spirit, responsibility, overall view
    extension information
    joining steps
    1. Searching for Yunda Express online.
    2, click the official website of the courier to enter the homepage.
    3. Find the franchise menu in the menu bar above the homepage and click.
    4, pull to the bottom and fill in personal related information, submit the information and wait for the official contact.
    Reference information Source: Yunda Express-franchise cooperation

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