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  1. The main points of consumer analysis reports include the following 5 aspects:
    The overall consumption situation of consumers
    The existing consumer fashion related to this product, consumer consumer consumer product type characteristics.
    Existing consumer analysis
    (1) The composition of existing consumer groups: the total amount, age, occupation, income, education level and the distribution of existing consumers. Gender: Women are more likely to accept emotional advertisements, while men prefer rough or rendering national brave advertising forms.
    Classes: brain workers prefer rational advertising forms, and physical workers prefer to be straightforward, exposed and humorous n income: mainly find out the one that can become your consumers in terms of income Part of the residence area.
    (2) The consumer behavior of existing consumers: the motivation for purchases, the time of purchase, the frequency of purchases, the number of purchases, the place of purchase.
    (3) The attitude of existing consumers: What is consumer's impression and evaluation of the product? How is the loyalty to the brand? How is the loyalty to the competitors?
    Knowledge; the degree of preference for the brand; the ratio of the name of the name of the brand; the unsatisfactory demand for the brand; the most satisfied aspect of the product; the most dissatisfied aspect of the product.
    potential consumers
    (1) The characteristics of potential consumers: total, age, occupation, income, education level and distribution.
    (2) Potential consumers are currently purchasing behaviors: Which brands of products are you buying now? What is the attitude towards the current purchase brand? Is it possible to change the brand to buy?
    (3) Potential consumers are being being quilt The possibility of attraction of this brand: What is the attitude towards the brand? What is the satisfaction of their needs?
    From the analysis results, the factors that affect consumers 'purchase behavior
    (1) Consumers' own factor, consumer's own factors, Consumers 'economic conditions, occupations and status, personality and self -concepts
    (2) Social factors, social classes, social groups, and families' impact on consumer purchase behavior.
    (3) Cultural factors, national sub -cultural groups, geographical location and religious culture on consumer purchase behavior.
    In summary texts such as an improved factors such as important influencing factors and product positioning propaganda based on your analysis.

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