4 thoughts on “How does the education industry build a WeChat public account account?”

  1. The public account type can choose the authentication service number. The name of the public account name is composed of the name of the educational institution, and there are places that can be briefly introduced in the brief introduction. When publishing articles in the public account, it is recommended to post more information and some knowledge related to your own industry. However, the public account rising powder is also a need for the establishment of a public account. Rising powder can use third -party platforms to do poster fission activities.

  2. Attract the user three elements
    Is, good impression (good avatar, good introduction, good user experience)
    I. Can easily and quickly find what you want, here is very important)
    It, interaction, participation, content readability. (Renewal time feedback, intimate feedback)
    How to build public account
    1. Pre -sale service: build micro -website, introduce yourself
    Teaching environment display, address and method
    2 Education institution service system, improve membership services
    courses appointment and query, online testing, online appointment, micro members, etc.
    3. Event voting, curriculum group purchase, birthday push, after -school operation interaction, points system system, etc.

  3. 1 First is the setting of the basic information of the public account: including names, WeChat, introduction, avatar. According to the positioning of the account, set the appropriate avatar and name.
    2 Automatic reply and menu bar setting
    3 Article release
    On the homepage of the public account, there is a new group in the lower right corner. There is a new material in the drop. At this step, you can start the basic WeChat public account operation.

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