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  1. There are many ways to recruit people: friends recommendation, job fair, recruitment app, and recruitment website.
    The more efficient way is to recruit apps, because you can talk to candidates anytime, anywhere, and talk about interviews if you have a good chat.
    If you want to recruit service industries such as waiters, chefs, and cashier, it is recommended to use the store manager to hire directly; if you want to recruit office clerks and IT staff, you can use BOSS direct hire. Both software can communicate online, and most of the functions are free.
    is suitable for companies and HR with small budgets.

  2. One way does not spend money to publish recruitment posts in various industry forums, or join the industry QQ group to recruit people. The other is to spend money on 58, Zhilian, Ganji, etc. Recruitment or talent market, hopes to adopt

  3. Now there are many ways to recruit people: friends recommend, job fairs, recruitment apps, human resources market
    Now the Internet is so developed, more efficient ways should be recruiting APP
    For example, in the direction of the construction site, it is still recommended to use a more vertical platform, such as the construction site recruitment of workers, and the professional service construction industry is recruited to find a living platform. There are small white -collar workers in the office, and you can go to search.

  4. How to recruit people in the same city? Let's take a look together! 1. Open the 58 City APP. 2. After entering, click in the middle and select to send a position to find a talent 3. Enter the detailed information release.

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  5. It used to be QQ, and now it is used to use recruitment software, such as boss, such an app platform such as BOSS.

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