3 thoughts on “How does WeChat use WeChat group marketing”

  1. There are actually two types of WeChat groups. One is a simple dating platform. It is purely that the one that cannot be pure. For example, the group built by my father and my mother and my sister, such as the university class group.

    has a marketing group, and these marketing groups, no matter what exchanges are initiated, in the final analysis, the purpose of the final is two words. For example, I build a WeChat group, weird Mo Xixi and his friends, then
    This group is used to promote my popularity, promote my articles, promote my activities, etc. Many companies, organizations, establish a WeChat group, in fact It is to do promotion. It is undeniable that at the same time as promotion,
    has also established a platform for everyone to communicate equal. I love advertising, there are some advertisements in other groups,
    Then the group is strict, and I get out of T. Then I want to build a group by myself. It is safe to send advertisements in my own group. Will not be t.
    The monetization mode of the WeChat community is divided into two types, direct realization and indirect monetization, direct monetization models such as paying WeChat groups, lectures in WeChat groups or organizing other activities charges, such as some WeChat groups for auctions, compared to
    , such as the WeChat group of the product, etc., there is a friend China Ge in the group. He built a group, each charged 35 yuan, and then asked ten friends who made WeChat. I also talked once, he gave me
    red envelopes, which is a profit model.
    The indirect monetization mode is to use this community as a media platform to maintain fan relationships, etc., instead of directly benefiting. For example, in the group, a WeChat group found a lot of PR peers through this WeChat group, and expanded his connection through it. This cannot generate direct returns, mainly indirectly realizing.
    The companies also establish their own WeChat groups and fan bases to do maintenance.

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