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  1. The salesman is tall.
    1. Salesman (terminal)

    . Cadders refer to specific businesses such as production, planning, follow -up, accounting, statistics, prices, advertising and other specific businesses in the organization staff member. At the same time, it refers to the person who is responsible for a specific business operation. When making orders, it can be called a salesman.

    2, salesperson (terminal)

    Sales workers who are engaged in commodity sales and service sales in business places. From the perspective of marketing, all personnel who provide sales services directly with customers can be called salespersons.

    3, promoter (terminal)

    The promotional is usually called shopping guides. Generally, it is a salesperson for manufacturers or agents to retail terminals. Play a very important role.

    4. Sales representative (terminal)

    Sales representatives are a position. Sales staff on behalf of enterprises are called sales representatives.

    5, customer manager (terminal)

    The customer manager is both the representative of the bank and customer relationship and the representative of the bank's foreign business. (Taking banks as an example) The responsibilities of customer managers include: comprehensively understanding customer needs and marketing products and disputed business, while coordinating and organizing relevant special departments and institutions of the entire bank to provide customers with comprehensive financial services, actively prevent prevention from preventing prevention, and actively prevent prevention from preventing prevention. Under the premise of financial risks, establish and maintain long -term close connection with customers.

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