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  1. In fact, securities companies generally do not need good people who speculate in stocks. Private equity funds need to be needed.

    The mistakes when I was young. At that time, I took a long stock trading list and came to the securities company to find a job. I did not expect that the securities boss didn't look at it. The first sentence he asked was: What are you doing?

    Wrong, not this! The first sentence he asked was -how much capital can you bring?

    If securities companies are generally divided into front desks, middle platforms, and backgrounds.

    The front desk is to handle specific transactions on the front counter. For example, account opening, consultation and other things.

    Themium is an investment consultant, analyst, a customer manager, a broker, etc.

    The actual application for securities companies is an important degree, age, and experience experience.

    So no matter how good your stock is fried. Securities companies will not use you either.

    The generally entering securities companies will start from the bottom, such as being a broker or customer manager. Especially those who lack diplomas and experience experience starting from underlying marketing.

    But good people who are real stocks often become a weak in marketing, and they are not a customer manager. Because those who don't understand anything dare to brag to speak big, it is easier to attract customers. And good people who are real stocks are unlikely to promise, which makes customers lose trust in you.

    In short, if the stock really does well, it will only lack funds. Then you should start with stocks for relatives and friends, and relatives must have stocks.

    If you really fry the stock performance, then there will be in the early days. There is no need to enter the development of securities companies. Entering the development of securities companies is not a good direction, because the Securities Law does not allow securities practitioners to speculate. If you have a chance in the future, you can set up a private equity fund or enter a private equity fund company.

    I people who think the stock is doing well, the best way out is to slowly accumulate funds and make their own stocks. Workers for anyone and work for any company, depend on others' faces, be your own boss, and take your own life path.

    I. As an investment advisor to work in a brokerage company for nearly ten years, I am familiar with the securities firms. If you want to work in a brokerage firm and stir -fry the stock, you can be used as a bonus, but it is not the main factor.

    First of all, brokers have the front desk and backstage. It doesn't matter if you enter the background to work in the background. It is mainly to look at the relationship between opportunities and leadership. The background is a carrot and one pit, and the posts are fixed. If no one resign, there will generally not be a chance to recruit people, and you can't get in. You have a chance unless someone is driven away by the leader.

    Secretary of recruitment in the securities firms is the main front desk. That is a marketing staff. The basic conditions of marketers are high school graduation and pass the qualification examination. The investment advisor to graduate undergraduate is basically the marketing staff. The second condition is performance. Generally, more than 5 million customer assets are required. Some brokers have less, but they are almost the same. It is not safe after joining the job. It also needs to evaluate performance every quarter, that is, the customer's commission is higher than your salary. The assessment is generally once a quarter. If the assessment does not reach the balance and loss balance, it may give you a chance next quarter. If you are not qualified, you worship, and you will be relieved of your labor relationship and turn you into a broker.

    In above the conditions, the relationship between entering the securities firms and the shareholding stocks is not great. The assessment is not the ability of stock trading. Mainly customer assets and profit and loss balance. Of course, if you can stock up stocks, it will help customers and help increase customer stickiness. It is also a score item, but it is an additional item, not necessary.

    Finally, you need to remind you that the current employees are illegal! It may be a scourge. Maybe it will be discovered one day, it will be punished, fired, or even in jail!

    For many people who do not know the securities industry, they think that stock speculation will be hired for granted. In actual situation, this is not the case. The securities company is also divided into the headquarters of the securities company and the business department below. There are many positions in it, and most of them are not required for stock trading levels.

    The first condition for the employees of securities companies whether they are the front desk personnel, the broker, the investment consultant, the investment director, and the person in charge of the business department are the securities qualification certificate. The application conditions for this certificate are relatively simple, and the degree of high school can take the exam. However, only the qualification certificate can only do the work of the front desk customer service and the agent. The investment consultant requires at least a bachelor's degree or above. Therefore, the entry threshold of the securities company is actually relatively low.

    This company's most important thing for a securities company is his connection resources. The main business of traditional securities companies depends on commissions, but now due to the development and competition of Internet brokers. There is also the short cow in the Chinese stock market, shareholders, 7 losses, 2 draws and 1 ear, and retail trading volume is not very large. Brokers who rely on commission income are not too good. Therefore, the pattern of securities firms is developing in the direction of private equity funds, public funds, and currency funds. This is a direction that many securities firms are pushing now. Regardless of how to develop, the first task of entering the securities company is to accumulate customers and develop customers. Generally, there are three months of trial periods. After the probation period expires, the customer assets under the name will reach less than 5 million or even 10 million and even 10 million. Essence

    The graduate students who graduated from many prestigious schools may enter the investment and research department or engaged in industry investigators. After a few years of development, they may enter the fund manager assistant. Many fund managers are PhD.

    So the level of stocks is high, and entering the securities company can only be said to be an extra score. More importantly, please refer to customer resources! Intersection Intersection Especially high net worth customers.

    . I have mentioned that the threshold of the securities business department is relatively low. There is a securities qualification certificate, and the college degree can basically meet the requirements of the business department. The business department values ​​marketing capabilities, not the ability to invest in stocks. Of course, stock investment is done well, I believe you can easily be stared at by various headhunting. This is the difficulty of this good and bad measurement standard.

    To people to double or more profit in a certain year do not mean how high your stock investment level is. If you extend the time cycle for ten or eight years, your annualized income can be stable at 15%, which is quite powerful. Of course, it depends on your account amount.

    It after 2016, if your amount of funds is tens of thousands of yuan, it is easy to obtain 15%of profits stable. For example, if you buy bank stocks to purchase new shares, I can determine that more than 15%of profits should be more than 15%. of. And in the market around 2014, you can hold high -quality stocks of GEM, and the income has been relatively stable in recent years.

    In short, amplify the pattern a little bit, do not stare at the small fish pond of the securities company. Tian Gao Ren Bird Flying, the sea leap from the fish!

    The people who can ask this kind of question are basically those who do not understand and have not worked at a securities company and have not worked at a securities company. The most common securities customer manager (agent) will not see how your stocks are speculating. At most interviews, you will ask for a few words to make you feel the right door. Still two points: first, there is evidence, the other, there is resources.

    Inded, when many people just graduated or do not know about the securities industry, they think they are good at stocks and are longing for the work of the corresponding securities company. Essence In fact, securities companies basically recruit a large number of securities customer managers (brokers). This kind of work base salary commission, with a low base salary. Mainly you have securities qualification certificates and will be hired. Perhaps at the beginning, they will say that they are recruited investment consultants and investment assistants, maybe to do career planning. Starting from securities customer managers, I will accumulate experience for two years, and I will work hard to tap the resources around the securities company to open an account. Sell ​​the fund and squeeze the resources around you.

    The note here, you have done securities customer manager, your own securities account will be canceled. Securities practitioners cannot borrow stocks, let alone recommend shares to customers. Of course, many people will borrow it Relatives and friends' securities accounts to stock up stocks, but if they are found, they will be punished by the CSRC. When you start to find the true face of the job, you will slowly get tired of and choose to leave or unable to open up new customers. The customer resources you accumulated during the period will be owned by the company. The powerful idea enters the securities company as a customer manager. Those who want to start from the bottom level are not good at the sales of securities. rn rn 如果你有分析的证书和两年的证券工作经验 客户资源,并且炒股还有一套,有的证券公司的确是招你进去做证券分析师,但是也注意了, After entering, you will find that the fund sales task of the securities company must far exceed the amount of service to serve customers and help customer stock analysis. In essence, securities analysts of the domestic securities company's business department are just senior sales staff. It is not a real analyst's position, and the head of the headquarters may be better.

    The personal analysis from Fengshengli, welcome to pay attention to this account in order to obtain more financial knowledge

    Can it be profitable stable? Is this situation easy to be hired by securities companies?

    If according to the formal process of the securities company, this situation cannot happen. But just as Teacher Zhao Benshan said, it was not that he did not come. If he came, anything could happen.

    So many times the rules are determined by people, but the rules are also broken by people.

    First of all, let's take a look at the formal process hired by securities companies

    If securities companies belong to the main investment types in my country's financial investment industry. It is the second largest investor except banks. Therefore, if you want to enter the securities company, you need to be strictly selected, not everyone can join the broker.

    Step 1, you must first have a graduation certificate with a high school degree or above.

    Step 2, you have to take the securities -related qualification certificate, at least two courses to graduate.

    Step 3, after entering the securities company, basically start from the grass -roots business, which is what we call sales. That is, you have to go all over the country to find investors who are willing to invest in stock trading and open an account for your securities firms.

    The biggest benefit of securities companies is that you can systematically learn about stock investment, processes, the company's listing process, etc. A series of formal related stock learning.

    The choice of different positions according to your hobbies and abilities, such as traders of self -operated business. Another example is the analyst of the company's elite team. There are also executives of the company team.

    In fact, sometimes there are accidents

    If you really have a good stock investment technology, it can achieve continuous and stable profit, and there is its own trading model. Below, you will also admit you through special channels in the securities company's self -operated business.

    For securities firms, their main purpose is to make profit. If you can bring profits, it is undoubtedly a good thing for brokers.

    So if you have no education and have no qualifications, it is very good stock trading and can continue to stabilize and profit. This situation can also be admitted to the smart boss of securities companies.

    In this, it can be seen that although things in the world and all things have reincarnation and need to follow. But in the process, if you do n’t know how to respond randomly, it will cause losses to yourself, but others do n’t matter.

    It words, if your stocks are very powerful, in special cases, securities companies will also admit you through special channels.

    I I think stocks are good, there is no need to go to securities companies, because relatively small challenges of securities companies.

    The people ideal that securities companies are high -rise industries. In fact, most of the staff of securities companies are mainly services. In the impression, securities brokers will find customers. The investment advisor to go up and upper also needs to pull customers, otherwise the income cannot come up.

    The staff of the securities company's current staff is partially business, as long as the recruitment conditions, especially the qualification examination, academic qualifications, etc. You can apply for related positions, but there are some business assessment accordingly.

    . In terms of salary, the salary of the entire securities company is currently in a period of stagflation, and even some positions still adopt a salary reduction system. Only when the bull market can have relatively large benefits.

    The employees of securities companies are prohibited from buying and selling stocks, so in fact, stock speculation is good, and it will not help their own work. Even after practicing, they cannot trap their stocks.

    In after reading these, do you still want to be hired by the securities company? In fact, if you are really good in your stock trading, you can try to apply for a private equity company.

    Because the personnel of private equity companies are basically directly involved in investment decision -making, we see that most private equity companies will find some masters with powerful stocks in the society within a certain period of time. Everyone can make money by making money.

    . Private equity companies are relatively elastic. As long as they have enough ability, they basically have the opportunity to increase a certain income.

    In comprehensive speaking, if stock speculation is good, you must choose a place where you can play your ability. If it is just a securities company, it is very small to use their ability to give play to their ability. The subject can try the job of private equity investment companies.

    This problem, I don't think it is inevitable. Because the standards hired by securities companies have nothing to do with stock trading. However, it is not ruled out that securities companies will introduce such talents as special talents. Let me talk about my own opinion.

    Ploves first, fry stocks well, what kind of standard? How much is the standard, or how much yield is the standard. For masters, small probability is hired by securities companies. The profitability of ordinary investors is largely changed by the market popularity. The institution will now be used as a measure of the CSI 300 Index ETF. I think if your yield rate can win the same period for the same period. It can be said that you are already a master, then your flow record is more precious. For example, Feng Liu, a master of people in the public, has won the market for a long time, inviting private equity institutions to join the founding partner. Of course, this is not a securities company. In general, it is a financial institution, which is more appropriate. After all, the securities company has a self -operated disk, which is not ruled out that it is hired through this way of introduction. But it must be a rare case.

    It, the standards of securities companies are generally related to academic qualifications and professional related. The brokerage industry is very professional, and many positions need to hold a certificate. Therefore, the probability of outstanding people in the science class is much higher. Especially financial majors, or graduates of first -class colleges and universities across majors. Ordinary employees should require lower. However, I have not considered investment skills, because the employees of the brokerage industry do not allow stock investment activities. From this perspective, frying stocks are likely to become weak, because securities companies will worry that you will violate the rules of employees in the future.

    did not necessarily connect between the two. If there is a description of the work of going to a brokerage firm, it is best to get the relevant industry qualification certificate first, but you can help you find a job. The above answers, I do n’t know if I can solve your confusion. for your information.

    This stock speculation?

    . If the bull market doubles a year, it is still the case. However, it is estimated that those people are mostly unable to reach this level.

    This really fry well, no one wants to go to securities company.

    The level of jobs to find a job in the securities company will not be high.

    of course. If you are a master of stock trading, then the securities company must be too late. This is undoubted. But to what extent this "good" is?

    . For example, some time ago, a Russian master used its own smart high -frequency program in China to use its own smart high -frequency program, which was hundreds of times a year. This is called "good". Don't doubt his authenticity. The public security suspected that he had cheated and caught him, but later he was released. But he was not allowed to enter the Chinese market.

    The "good" in the stock market is rare.

    The good explanation of stock market speculation. It shows that the understanding of the stock market and the control of stock trading skills are not bad. This is not enough to become the priority of being hired by the securities company. Different positions still have specific requirements.

    The first -end business is business, such as brokerage, investment consulting, wealth management/asset management sales, etc. These front -end is plainly pulling business. Relatively speaking, the threshold is low and has general ones. The qualifications are sufficient, and the requirements of education and work experience are not high. It mainly depends on business ability. If stock speculation is good, it may appear more professional to introduce some small white customers.

    In after business, it is necessary to provide corresponding investment, analysis, and financial services, and personnel who specialize in these operations are all academic qualifications and qualifications, including sponsors , OK or not, can not be used as a stepping stall.

    Although most of the posts of securities companies are currently involved in marketing tasks, the relationship between these background positions may be more important.

    In general, this kind of stock speculation has a certain advantage in engaging in the securities industry, but it will not easily enter securities companies, unless the securities company specializes in "masters". In addition, the "Securities Law" has not yet liberalized the stock trading of the employees, and there is no qualification for investment consulting. If you can't hold it idle, or you can't control your mouth, sometimes it is easy to recruit scourge. It's right.

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