Please ask! How to find the source of the novice WeChat business for drainage? How to drain micro -business?

4 thoughts on “Please ask! How to find the source of the novice WeChat business for drainage? How to drain micro -business?”

  1. It can be achieved through the community, and often send some small red envelopes to gather popularity in the community.
    The learning resources for personal knowledge improvement for everyone, including short video live broadcast and cargo operations that are very hot in the past two years, drainage of major channels, video editing and audio books. Different categories, what to switch. Later, more excellent learning resources will be converged for everyone to exchange and learn. If you need it, you can collect and transfer it first, and you can see it slowly ~
    private domain operation learning real -time updates
    ? PWD = 2D72 extract code: 2d72

  2. Now many people are asking questions about "drainage" and "traffic". The truth behind these issues is the same. What we need to understand is:
    The fundamental purpose of "network marketing promotion" is Intersection In fact, there is no concealment that it is "selling products", and you can earn money after selling products! In fact, it is the process of "get traffic through the network, and then the traffic is realized". Therefore, we do n’t have much energy and time to do some seemingly functioning for online marketing. In fact, it is indeed a discouraged marketing promotion technology attempt.
    The bosses, customers, and marketers can't help but ask:
    1. Is there any one that does not need to spend too much marketing costs or even zero costs to obtain more traffic methods through the Internet?
    2. Is there a way to put aside complicated network technology and quickly get started to make traffic to monetize?
    3. Is there a kind of "online marketing promotion" one -click reference formula like a martial arts routine?
    The network drainage, according to the original copyright of "Internet Technology Customer", "Decrypting the Internet Marketing Promotion of Online Marketing Promotion and Skills of Skills" in 72 documents in the 72 documents of "Like Magic Magic". As in the saying that the Flow Modeling Formula ", you need to use the" product type classification ": type A -type -H type and" product price classification ": Z -type — U -type to determine whether your product should first perform a" Internet popularity packaging ". Secondly, you have to determine your "traffic entrance", and then select the "ten -point matrix method" article marketing method, the "seven -dimensional design method" picture marketing method, and the short video marketing of the "four -port".
    The "software" in the promotion and drainage is only an auxiliary role, and the software is also restricted by the rules of the platform. Therefore, any marketing promotion should be king by "content", and the function of the software is not great.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the method of WeChat drainage promotion is as follows: 1. No matter how good the soft text promotion is promoted, you must advertise. Publish the information and functions of the product through the form of soft texts on various portals, forums, and posts, so that people can be able Through the easy -to -understand text, people who need it will definitely contact them. 2. Combining online and offline delivery experience products this year has begun to seize traffic offline, cooperate with offline stores, buy it to send experience products, pay attention to WeChat online, and give gifts. It is likely that you will make you a month for a month. Fans have grown rapidly. 3. The category of QQ groups now has a very fine division, which has increased its value to a certain extent. First, add your own customer base through daily communication and keyword search in each customer's QQ group.n4. Borrowing hot comments When registering major portal accounts, the nickname can use its own name and contact information to comment on daily hot topics. Chinese people like to watch comments, so that when others see you commented, it is equivalent to you advertising once, and it is not easy to be deleted. The success rate is very high. 5. Large reposts are still very large on Weibo and WeChat. Find the good content of the good content of the product industry to forward it. Maybe there will be unexpected gains.

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