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  1. The learning community is the vanguard in all communities. There are various college students, workplace persons, corporate managers, and Baoma who are active. As a result, various new communities have been established in the past two years.
    , but there are very few active, 90 % are in a state of dead water.
    It 32 communities in my mobile phone, but only two or three active.
    In fact, the community is not as simple as imagined. Behind the prosperity, there are many issues such as how to activate the community, how to attract fans, and how to continue to provide community value.
    A complete community consists of four aspects: community positioning, community structure, community output, and community operation.
    2. Community positioning includes the purpose of building groups, community types, personnel positioning, and additional thresholds.
    has no purpose and goals, and the topics of the group are too scattered and difficult to focus. After joining, they find out what the topic is talked about. I don’t know what this community is doing. Most people either retreat or block! Therefore, before building the group, you need to think about: What kind of community do I build? What is the original intention of establishing a community? what can I do?
    M common community types are: product type, learning community, interest -based community. The real learning community is not only sharing content, but also needs to be organized and precipitated.
    The people we are looking for? Where are they? This requires the club to refine the group members and lock the people who are looking for.
    . For example, a group member is those who are willing to get up early and be good at using early learning. Of course, you can also introduce the community through various means to attract those who never get up early to fall in love with your love.
    of course, a community student without any threshold will not cherish it. Therefore, it is necessary to set a certain threshold!
    The community structures are generally pyramid structures, that is, group owners group management group members.
    The comprehensive ability to learn a learning community, just look at the comprehensive strength of the group owner, such as the comprehensive influence of the community such as autumn leaves, Luo Fat, and classical V.
    The group management is a window of the community. The group members look at a community unprofessional. In addition to looking at the group owners, the image displayed by the group management is also impact!
    The group members are divided into: divers, destructors, value exporters, and participants. There is also one type of people in the community. It is the key figures who do not follow the conventional cards. There are some different voices in the community. Instead, they will enhance the cohesion of the community. Such people can stay.
    For those who are directly destroyed, the method of handling is to clean up immediately without leaving hidden dangers.
    Procketing the knowledge management of community output. Whether a community is material and valuable, just look at the content of its past precipitation.
    The community should provide a steady stream of high -quality content output, which not only can share the history of history with the group members, but also increase the appearance rate of the community and accurately suck powder. Form a virtuous circle and enhance the competitiveness of social brands!
    The most important part of the community is the community operation part. A community operation situation directly determines the survival of this community.
    The community must ensure that there are newcomers to join before they will have stronger vitality.
    and retaining old members and allowing them to contribute to the community, then let them do something, love, and hope.
    The groups mainly activate the community through various activities to achieve 360 ​​degrees of high viscosity. There must be a certain gameplay: one question, daily discussion, sharing daily, daily reading, etc., find appropriate topics, and conduct standardized processes. The ultimate goal is to allow students to realize value monetization.
    The short -term lively and difficult to maintain difficulties. The community must form a benign development mechanism in order to go further and further!

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