2 thoughts on “Who knows the top ten brands of board? Which board is selected for furniture customization?”

  1. There are Fuqing, reunion, rabbit baby, Jin Luli, millennium boat, Jiaxiangmei, Mogan Mountain, Jin Yuhua, the top 100 boards, and red group. To be precise, Jiangsu Fuqing Home Furnishing was founded in 1996. Always focus on the field of wood products processing and manufacturing, and is a leading decorative building materials home enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

  2. As the leader in the decorative board industry, the king coconut board has established an advanced Jiashan intelligent manufacturing base and adhered to independent manufacturing. The company has set up a unique intelligent identification system for the board. Intelligent systems such as anti -counterfeiting, intelligent information reading, physical visual anti -counterfeiting, three -dimensional three -dimensional anti -counterfeiting query systems are implanted in the king coconut boards to protect consumers' interests and let consumers rest assured of "King Coconut Wisdom".
    The king coconut board at the same time is the drafting unit of ecological boards, woodworking board national standards, and environmental protection reaches E0 level. The king coconut boards have more than 20 years. Sexuality, always the responsibility of promoting the green environmental protection development of the plate industry, from the beginning without standards, to the E1 level to the E0 standard, and then to the newly launched formaldehyde -free series launched by the king coconut board. The board's insistence on environmental protection, health, and green; King Coconut aims to allow each piece of plates to reach the hands of consumers.

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