3 thoughts on “urgent! Intersection Intersection Which hairdressing shop in Nanchang is better?”

  1. There is a shop called (Hao Sentelling Image Design) near the Cuilin Commercial Street near Tianhong, Changbei Honggu Beach, which is not bad. The store is not large and the environment is not bad. My friend and I made a head there a few days ago. It was pretty good. It was like a Japanese and Korean style. I like it so much. I finally make a beautiful hairstyle. Oh ... the price is 150 ~~ There are 300 ~~ 400 yuan; I do 280, not expensive; hair cutting is a bit expensive, it costs 30 yuan; my friend she cuts well, but it is also worth it. I heard that the director of that shop is still doing it in the Korean hair shop, it's pretty handsome, I'm very handsome, I'm looking for him.

  2. Generally, the larger barber shop has a skilled hairdresser. What kind of hairstyle do you want to tell the hairline! Or let him design it for you!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe best time to answer hot curly hair is the time tunnel. This is a well -known hot curly hair. The shape is good, the maintenance time is long, and the price is very beautiful. About 800, some people even spend more than a thousand to get it. The effect is very good. It is not long before it has been hot for a year. I want to be cheaper and the birthplace. Sassoon is pretty good. When the birthplace is hot, it is very beautiful, but the maintenance time is not very long. about. Kingdee and Bobo (previous Wang Chao) cut their hair well and perm. There are quite a lot of people who want to make hair, but your most important thing is to choose a good potion and use L'Oreal. If someone wants you what L'Oreal is, what you say is the same as L'Oreal, you must not use it. Because this is L'Oreal's offline brand, the effect is not as good as L'Oreal.

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