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  1. I. Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction

    It in the competitive communication equipment market, Huawei is the representative of China's successful communication manufacturers. Established in 1988, the company was founded by Ren Zhengfei, a retired soldier, and was founded in Shenzhen. It is a high -tech private enterprise held by employees. Production and sales, specializing in network solutions in the fields of fixed networks, optical networks, mobile networks, and value -added services for telecommunications operators engage in the research and development, production, marketing and services of communications equipment, and provide innovation and innovation for customers around the world in the field of telecommunications. Customized network equipment, services and solutions realize the potential growth of customers and continue to create long -term value for customers.

    . The business field

    Huawei Technology (Huawei) is the world's leading telecommunications solution supplier, specializing in

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    In the establishment of long -term partnership with operators. At the same time, the business structure adjustment is made to form a situation of operating business, business, and consumer business.

    Huawei products and solutions cover the fields of mobile, broadband, IP, optical network, telecommunications value -added business and terminals. You can enjoy the consistent communication experience through any terminal, so that people can communicate and enrich people's lives.

    The business scope specifically includes the following ten aspects: 1. Wireless access; 2. Fixed access; 3. Core network; 4. Transport network; 5. Data communication; 6. Energy and infrastructure; energy and infrastructure; 7. Business and software; 8. OSS; 9. Safety storage; 10. Huawei terminal. (Mobile market)

    . Huawei's market segment

    (1) Huawei's market segment in the operator business

    " "Rural surrounding cities" is exactly the early market strategy of Huawei. When Huawei entered the communications market, China's telecommunications market was very broad, but the competition was relatively fierce, especially in the face of strong foreign and joint venture brand manufacturers. As a post -entry and challenger of the market, Huawei cannot touch the strong opponent in the market in the market, so Huawei chose the weak link of the opponent -the rural market as a breakthrough. At this time, the foundation of the Huawei market is geographical segmentation.

    With the enhancement of Huawei's strength, Huawei gradually entered the market market with access to the market. Facing the remote access module of competitors, its market segment is based on "standard


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    different ", one product can be applied to multiple markets, that is, emphasizing that" the V5 interface is conducive to establishing flexibility and relatively independent independent manufacturer of manufacturers. "Access network systems", so as to win user needs for worshiping this technology. When Huawei access the server into the data communication product market, its market segmentation is based on "demand differences", that is, according to its own understanding of the China Telecom network, to meet domestic operators' demand for access to the server suitable for national conditions.

    Is when Huawei proposed the concept of "broadband city network", its basis for market segmentation is the result of "geographical differences", "demand differences", and "psychological differences". Broadband city network can meet the development trend of urban informatization, meet the needs of operators' network transformation, and meet the defensive psychology of domestic operators because they are worried about the competition of foreign operators.

    (2) Huawei's market segment of the market business of the enterprise

    2011, in the case of the telecommunications equipment market, Huawei announced the official entry into the enterprise network. Today, Huawei, which has more than a year in the corporate network, is not large in terms of technology and products. Five major enterprise business platforms including Digital Link, UC

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