1 thought on “Furniture sales skills and words, sales should be close to customers like this”

  1. When you just do sales, you are always puzzled: Why do some sales always be familiar with customers in a strange environment? But how he couldn't talk to customers, especially when he managed to make a topic, but he was ignored. It was really embarrassing.

    The was the case at that time. then what should we do? Later, there was really no way. I rely on the sales manager to take me to visit the customer. I thought that as long as I saw more and listened too much, I would always find out the way.

    Is when I went out to visit customers for the first time with the sales manager, I found a very interesting detail. It was the manager who took me half an hour in advance to the company, but did not go in immediately, but walked into the security room to give two security guards, and then he was stunned. The most impressive thing is that the manager asked, hey, the manager Chen of the procurement department sucks-smoke? One of the security guards said, suck, when he helped him move in the car that day, he also gave me a pack of hard box F-Rong-Wang. After listening, the manager immediately asked me to buy 2 packs of packets-Rong-Wang back, and then went in to find customers.

    Although it is a strange visit, when the manager hand over the cigarette to the customer, the atmosphere of the two people immediately active, from the product to cigarettes, then from the smoke to the tingling-general, from the smoke There is really a feeling of meting confidant in his hometown.

    So friends who are reminding to do sales here want to quickly close the relationship with customers. The best way is to find the same thing. As long as they have commonality, they can attract each other. Don't take it for granted, blindly talk to the customer about the world, this will only be counterproductive.

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