1 thought on “How to find a group without customers in Mujidian Store”

  1. First of all, we need to understand any business, we need to consider three factors: products, transactions, customers.
    is a product. For wooden door companies, it is naturally the products produced by themselves. Generally, the products of wooden door companies include paint doors, paint -free doors, solid wooden doors, raw wooden doors, etc. The door category also produces peripheral products, such as furniture, wallboards, cabinet door panels, etc. It is also right to understand the product in this way, but it is just a rough concept. If you want to develop customers well, you also need to position the product's functions and characteristics, especially at the moment, the competition between wooden door companies should be fierce, and you should also find accurate positioning of your own products. For small and medium -sized wooden doors, Finding the market segment can better gain living space and benign development.
    is a transaction. If the customer is positioned, how to transmit the customer must first think about this question, that is, when you find the customer, what do you use to move the customer, and the customer faces many manufacturers. Choosing to cooperate with you is your price cheap, is the quality of your product better than others? Is it your production cycle faster? Is it your after -sales service? Think that these issues must be clearly understood, and do a good job in a certain aspect, or in some aspects, so as to achieve outstanding classification. Customers, this is also the essence of any business, and it is also the most concerned on everyone. No matter how good your products are, no matter how optimized your transaction system, how outstanding your advantages are, if you have no customers, you can't let your transaction system product benefit, everything is empty.

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