LED Bulb Lamp Series (5)

Incandescent lamps, called tungsten lamps, are spherical shaped, traditional lamps, and are one of the most used lighting fixtures in our homes.

A tungsten lamp uses a tungsten wire as a light source and then seals it in a glass sphere. An electric current passes through the tungsten wire to produce a lot of heat and light, forming visible light illumination. Bulb joints are: E14 (screw), B22 (plug), E27, G24, MR16 (spot light), GU10(insert type) these types, produced E14, B22 and E27 three kinds.

Tungsten lamps have been phased out and have been comprehensively replaced by LED bulb and China addressable led strip light.

LED bulb appearance is nearly the same as tungsten lamp, the interface is the same, the line does not need any transformation can be directly replaced, extremely convenient, cost saving.

LED bulb is similar to the structure of lamp tube, including LED bead, PC cover, power supply, shell and other main components.

Advantages of LED bulb lamps:

1. Built-in LED light source energy-saving, energy consumption is 1/4 of energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp 1/10, does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, environmentally friendly;

2. ​long life: LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours, which is 5-10 times longer than incandescent lamps.

3. ​Extra normal: uniform light, mild light, no glare, no strobe, green, no ultraviolet and infrared light loss of the human body.

4. Full color shift: heavy colors, color temperature and brightness can be adjusted, can display a variety of patterns and effects, to create a different atmosphere.

5. Convenient installation: easy installation, low maintenance cost, directly replace the incandescent lamp, no need to transform the line.

Points to note:

Display index selection is greater than 80, less than 80 light illuminates the object, the color is not excellent, not real unsaturated, conditional selection of 90 or 95 or more. If you like painting, are sensitive to color, you should choose more than 95, otherwise how to look, the paint is not perfect, how to look at the color is wrong.

The choice of power is related to the size and brightness of the space you need to illuminate. The bigger the space, the bigger the power should be. The more brightness you need, the more power you should choose. Light efficiency selection is greater than 100lm/W, save electricity, save electricity.

Choose no glare, protect your eyes and make your home more warm and comfortable. The exterior choice is beautifully designed. How to like interactive, choose intelligent control function, or voice control function, control the color temperature and brightness to meet their needs.

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