1.13 Today's football match recommendation

001 Aussie A 16:45 MacArthur v Central Coast
McArthur FC has recorded 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses in 11 rounds, with a strong ability to split the game. A 60% win percentage at home and a good performance on both ends of the floor. McArthur FC beat Newcastle Jets 2-0 at home in the last round and have now won five, drawn one and lost four of their last 10 matches. During the period scored and lost 1.5 goals, the team performance is more balanced. With three wins and zero shutouts in the last four games, all of which have been beaten, the team is playing well and currently has a playoff spot.

Central Coast have won six, drawn one and lost four matches in 11 rounds this season and are second in the league with 19 points. During the period, the team scored 24 goals, more than 2 goals per game, the defense only conceded 14 goals, both offensive and defensive performance. This is the World Cup Tables. They swept Adelaide United 4-0 last season and have won four of their last five matches. With the most firepower in the league. But the team away so far only 1 win 1 draw 1 loss record, grab points ability is low, there is 6 points away from the top, grab points war intention is not bad.

Conclusion: The two teams last year and this year, the results are not much different. Although the Seamen were ranked higher, they were only two points short of a victory that would have allowed McArthur to overtake his rivals. In the initial data of this game, the visiting team made a concession of 0.25 goals, but there was no significant change in the data level in the afternoon. The strength gap between the two teams was not big, but the home team of MacArthur did not make some concessions, which obviously showed that they did not trust MacArthur. With the strength of seafarers, they were not enough to make concessions. We might as well go with the flow together to watch the visiting team at least undefeated!

Match recommendation: Draw score recommendation: 1-2, 2-2

006 Napoli v Juventus in Serie A 22:00
Napoli lost their first league game since the World Cup away to Inter Milan, the team failed to open the points gap at the top of the table, but their last league visit to Samp 2-0, the team quickly bounced back in excellent form. This season, Napoli won 14 games, drew 2 and lost 1, the league win rate is more than 80%, 2.29 goals per game is the highest in the whole Serie A, the front line is very strong, while the defensive end is losing 0.76 goals per game, the defensive quality is also very good. Napoli are unbeaten in eight home league matches this season and have won seven of them, with a 21-6 goals-against ratio.

Juventus, who beat Udinese 1-0 at home last season, are in excellent form, having won seven of their eight consecutive matches. Juventus is up to second place in the table after winning eight straight matches in the league. A victory over Napoli would boost Juventus' chances of winning the league. Juventus have scored 1.53 goals per game in the league and conceded 0.41 goals per game. They have played well in attack and defence, but their goals-concede ratio in their eight away league games is 5-4. The quality of their away defence is still excellent, but the efficiency of their attack is seriously down. Juventus recently away from the league to win 4 consecutive games, and are 1-0 win, in addition to the strength of Turin, the other three opponents are relegation molecules, so the gold content is not enough.

Summary: In terms of data, Napoli has made a concession of -0.5. Under the material of Juventus winning 8 consecutive league games, the market still gives such strong support to Napoli. Personally, I think it has gone beyond the scope of induction. Napoli have won all their last 9 home matches and scored at least 3 goals in 7 of them. During this period, there have been 4 clean sheets. The team is strong in home games, and they have won all the last 3 home games against Juventus.

Match recommendation: Draw score Recommendation: 2-0 2-1

010 France B 22:00 Bastia v City FC
Bastia are 11th in the league with seven wins, four draws and seven defeats in the last 18 matches. Bastia's recent form has been good, with two wins and one draw in the three league matches since the World Cup. Bastia's home record is not bad, with five wins, one draw and three losses in nine home games. Bastia, however, have struggled at home, scoring just eight goals in nine matches.

Wave city FC game play general, 18 rounds of the league only achieved 5 wins 7 draws 6 losses of the record, ranked 13 league, only leading the relegation zone 4 points, how many also have some relegation pressure. FC Pau has not been in good form recently, with only one draw and two defeats in the three league matches since the World Cup. Away from the city FC is also the middle level, 9 away with 2 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, the overall performance is not too good.

Match recommendation: Draw score Recommendation: 1-0 2-1

013 Villa v Leeds United 22:00 Premier League
Villa's overall performance this season is normal. They are currently in the middle of the league with 6 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses. However, with Villa's squad, it will be difficult for them to break into the top half this season. Villa have not played well since their return in the off-season, although they did beat Tottenham with a flourish, but they have lost two of their remaining three games. In their last FA Cup game, Villa had a one-goal lead when Dendonker was shown a late red card. The result was a stunning comeback at the hands of League Two side Stevenich, which had a huge impact on morale. Villa this season on the offensive side of the performance relatively weak this game is still complete Villa's squad, only the old injury Carlos and captain Mackin can not play.

Leeds' overall form this season has been in line with their position of strength and they are 14th in the Premier League with four wins, five draws and eight defeats after 17 games, but only two points above the safe zone. Leeds have returned without a win since the off-season, drawing three and losing one, but the league defeat against Manchester City, a point against Newcastle United and West Ham United was a decent result, and they came from behind at half-time to draw 2-2 with Cardiff City in the FA Cup last weekend to force a replay. Leeds have also been poor away from home, losing five out of eight this season and conceding more than two goals a game on the road.

To sum up: Villa's paper strength is better than Leeds United, at least Villa on both sides of the attack and defense is not bad, Leeds United on the defensive end of their performance is a disaster, and the away performance has become a big weakness of their weakness, the game to the current data in line with the real positioning of the two sides, this game is more likely to Villa can get 3 points at home.

Recommended score: 2-0 2-1

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