More and more people are choosing simple and simple blinds

The curtains were not chosen properly, and the room was ugly.

On the soft installation, the appearance level of the curtain has a decisive role in the overall effect of the space. Traditional cloth curtains are soft and steady, but soft and flat without new idea. As everyone has higher requirements for the level of home appearance and home experience, more and more people begin to choose simple and elegant Plantation shutters.

The blinds have high level appearance and many shapes. They are also called light and shadow magicians. The amount of shading and the height of curtains can be set at will.

But the traditional shutter leaves, easy to accumulate dust, cleaning difficulties, let people love and hate.

So today I recommend the following 4 upgraded blinds, which are beautiful and practical.

1. Vertical louvers
Vertical louvers, also called dream curtains, are perpendicular to the ground, good sag, clean, fold and gauze curtains, can be virtually pulled high.

Thin white yarn, through the blade can be flexibly adjusted shading amount and shading Angle, especially suitable for large area of floor-to-ceiling Windows, more visually can appear tall space.

Installed in the balcony or living room, not only to ensure the sun is well sprinkled in, but also to ensure privacy.

Vertical louvers are made of aluminum alloy and waterproof fabric. The fabric is flexible and light, easy to clean, and more suitable for installation at home.

2. Shangri-la Curtain
The Shangri-La curtain, also called "soft gauze curtain", is similar in appearance to blinds, but the material is made of soft polyester fiber + yarn, so the whole is very soft, and the Angle of the leaves can be adjusted according to the needs.

Xiangla curtain is the biggest advantage of good cleaning, do not clean the blade, as long as usually with a feather duster sweep, will be able to dust off.

But the shade of Shangri-La curtain is not as good as the traditional cloth art, so it is not suitable for the bedroom, more suitable for the living room, study, children's room and other places.

3. Built-in blinds
Built-in shutters are designed to fit the blades between the glass, so you don't have to worry about dust, water and oil,

It is very convenient to adjust the Angle and opening size through the magnetic buckle on both sides.

But this kind of window price is more expensive, generally 400/㎡, but used as a bathroom and kitchen in the small window use is very suitable.

4. Honeycomb curtains
Honeycomb curtain is water fabric, has the characteristics of water resistance, high temperature resistance, and shutter visual effect is similar, but from the side can find its special place, the side is similar to honeycomb design, this design can make hollow air storage, so the effect is very good on insulation and sound insulation.

A variety of opening and closing methods, can achieve the effect of half or full cover, shading degree is good, the bedroom can also be used. The surface of honeycomb curtain is made of antistatic material, which is not easy to dust and clean.

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