If you get a good resource, you will choose to share with your colleagues, or do you make a fortune silently?

5 thoughts on “If you get a good resource, you will choose to share with your colleagues, or do you make a fortune silently?”

  1. My girlfriend did not look inconspicuous, but it was a lot of wealth. In the beginning, it was in the county's morning market. In the evening market, it was bought for powder. The cost of a bowl of rice noodles was about five cents. Oil, salt, ginger vinegar together, it was seven cents, and a bowl of rice noodles bought 2.5 yuan. More than a thousand, but she also made more than a year. Later, I changed her career, I became a beauty nail industry, and I went out for more than two years. After I came back, I followed others for half a year. After half a year with others, they came out and started to hire two people. After one year, they opened two branches. Because she is good in the county, many friends like to introduce to her customers, and they will send out after two years. Perhaps it is just a case, but the beauty nails and body health are now more and more accepted, and ordinary people also consume. I think this is one of the reasons for promoting her rich. effort.

  2. Everyone is a colleague, and we must seek things together for a long time. A sincere and friendly attitude can win everyone's favor. When others encounter difficulties, they may wish to reach out to help others. When they encounter embarrassing things, they must keep them secret and give them a step. Maybe some people will make emotions: "I am friendly to others, and I haven't seen others sincerity to me." And helping my competitors is not to help him. This idea is wrong. You help them. In addition to admiring your ability, they will also be grateful to you. This will also be kind to themselves. If they encounter difficulties in the future, they will be much more helpful to get their help.

  3. Speaking of this topic, the following answers are for your reference. If you are your beloved? Of course, you can't share it with others. This is a natural law! If he is his own, husband or wife, it is not allowed to share with others, it is normal principle! If it is your own career and wealth? That should not be shared with others, because this is your own thing! If the other party is his own, boyfriend or girlfriend? It is even more impossible to share with others. This is the response of normal people! If everything is everything, of course, it will not be shared with others, which is certainly not selfish!

  4. There is a little girl beside me. I can't talk about it, but it belongs to the kind of good -looking. I recorded a video with short video software. I didn't expect the fire. After getting angry, I thought about making live broadcasts. I did not expect that a few rich people just liked her. I brushed gifts every day. One month was much stronger than those who got the monthly salary. When there was no restriction in the country to play virtual currencies in the country last year, a friend of me invested 100,000 to enter this currency circle, and the three -month time asset reached 10 million. Did you not expect it? He himself has no special performance, and he has no special performance. He just seized this opportunity and turned over. In fact, there are still a lot of opportunities to make money. First of all, you have to discover it, and then you have to grasp it. I just want to say that some people can't stop the fortune in some people. Some people don't have to force this fortune without this fortune. Do not work well. Don't think about getting rich all night! I remember that there is a saying: the chance of getting rich overnight is actually much lower than the chance of being killed by a car.

  5. I feel that a group of wealthy wealth around me, as well as graduating from college in the past few years, have a million net worth. It seems that the qualifications are mediocre, and people are very low -key. In fact, there are more wealth behind it, scaring you. This classmate did a normal job after graduating. The students around me did not understand. Later, he took a picture in the circle of friends. It turned out that the family bought an old house in the city. This is really inconspicuous. Some people, my mother's colleague, as an employee in other people's companies. In fact, the family is a big deal at home. It is very rich. Why don't you be a boss at home? These people above are a kind of lucky type, and somehow wealth is inexplicable, hehe, let us who are still working hard are really envious.

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