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  1. Hello everyone, I am honest and kind, Xiaolong Jun ~
    since the incident of "Li Xiaolu's night stay in PGONE", social hotspots have focused on this couple. After all, the relationship between husband and wife has always been a topic that people value in life, " Loyalty "" is the quality of people admired. Derailment is spurred by people and is scornd by society.
    Ampoling Jia Nailiang appeared at the airport last night, and encountered a reporter's chase. This was the first time he posted an article that he admitted to his wife's derailment. As soon as the plane landed on the Capital Airport, the squat reporters took Jia Nailiang's every move in paparazzi. Under their shots.
    The wife derailment is definitely distressed as a husband. Not only does his own cabbage be arched by pigs, but he is arched by his good friends. He wears a big green hat on his head. It is conceivable that the confidence as a man is gone. This is a very serious social problem. The divorce rate of society is so high now. Everyone is not as solemn and sacred as before. The flash marriage is even more popular. Intersection
    This is a real case. This big brother is half a catty compared to Jia Nailiang, and his wife is also derailed. It is also the fact that he is not accompanied by his wife. Facing the derailment of his wife, this brother can be said to be distressed. On the one hand, heself himself I ca n’t say that my wife ca n’t say good. On the one hand, I hate my wife ’s loneliness, and other people’ s men easily break through the defense.
    The wife is derailed, what can my husband do? Is it directly divorced or choose forgiveness?
    Divorce must be a difficult choice, but it is even more difficult to say that forgiveness is more difficult. Forgive this stuff whether you eat, not you say to your own brain: "I want to forgive her"! Your brain will automatically delete the memory of his wife derailed. This is the same as love. Love is not what you want. Similarly, forgiveness is not forgive you can forgive.
    Is do n’t lie to yourself without forgiveness, and forgive me for forgive me, then take it over to torture yourself and the other person, as if you do n’t hurt or tear the gauze while you do n’t pain, you can see it. Blindly asking his wife to ask for no reason, but it will make the two people's emotions fierce, and finally vent their emotions in order to vent their emotions. The relationship is more likely to be extremely angry.
    Im Bian suggested that the brothers upstairs were calm and calm, found a place, rent a house, separated for a while, and explained to my wife. Time calm down alone, and then I come to you again to see if I can change. Tell your wife in the same thing that this matter is very serious, you have to realize the seriousness of the matter. Many times, men's derailment is often easy to turn back. Women are derailed. Often ten cows cannot be pulled back. Men's derailment is often because of physiological pursuit, and women derailment is because of their needs in their hearts. Therefore Considering whether you feel the feelings of his wife completely ignored in some places, make his wife's inner imbalance, and eventually fall into the hands of other men.
    also friends believe that once his wife is derailed, divorce must be divorced!
    Once a woman is derailed, physical derailment is sooner or later. I did n’t go to bed, but I went to bed to make enough ways to go to bed; pray for forgiveness, to find opportunities for the next mistake.
    1. Divorce immediately immediately. You can't solve this knot, and there are no bricks or people who come to help you. Your wife can't solve it, and her escape is not supplemented. This experience is destined to accompany you in your life. This is to say that you will forget if you forget. Do you care if you do n’t care? In addition, as the saying goes, women will have the second time for the first time. This makes sense. As soon as the relationship between husband and wife, red apricot came out of the wall. This kind of thing is not 100 yuan. Even if it is, even if the past, the renminbi can be made again. Derailment is derailment. It is true that it is derailed. Ning a temple will not regret a marriage, but in the description of your personality and your feelings between your personality and your feelings, early points are early, otherwise your hesitation will become the source of your life.
    2. Finding enough evidence of handle and selfishness with that man, whether it is economical or mental, gives such people a sufficient blow.
    I. as a man, if your wife is derailed, what should you do? You will endure the humiliation like Jia Nailiang to endure the ridicule of everyone in exchange for his wife's mind, or since the fate has been exhausted, then you can look at the life you pursue in your heart?
    everyone has everyone's thoughts. What if the wife is derailed? Praise the comment, write down your opinion!

  2. I am an example and my ex -wife rushing to get married and then divorced in 13 years. There was a 6 -year -old daughter. I separated the marriage a few years ago. I found that my ex -wife seemed to be outside. I can treat me like this, for family children, and my love for him, I have endured it, but in the past two years, I have been returning late and returning early in the past two years, and I do n’t even go home. I know that my marriage is over. They all say that men are cruel. In fact, they are too far from women. The most poisonous women's hearts, men are ruthless, women are poisonous. Men are fine, it is useless to say anything, everything, or old people to stand side by side. The least tolerance for men is to wear green hats, brothers, give you a few suggestions, 1. Talk about it if you can change your mind to you, The premise is that you can forgive him, just get better. 2. If you think about it, there is a Zhang San today that no one can guarantee whether there will be Li Si tomorrow. 3, even if you have a mind, you can't be the same as before. There is a threshold in her heart. She is afraid that you will not treat him well. I finally chose to divorce, and I think I am relaxed now.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenIf the answer can be affected, if you can be psychologically guilty or burden.nJust break the relationshipnLive with your husbandnDerail is just a momentary impulsenI did not control myself.nIt is better to focus on the family as a more importantnAfter all, it is better to give children a happy home.nIf you really can't stand the existing family, you can't feel it anymorenCan't stand it at allnYou can also choose Li HunnYou can also choose to divorcenQuestion is not married, it is a girlfriendnAnswer that depends on your moodnI feel that I can break, see which man you want to be withnQuestion and understandingnAnswer, if you really can't stand it with your boyfriend, you can't force it.nBoth people need to run innQuestions can't let gonThe answer is really hard to return to the time when it is out of tracknQuestion to deal with itnThe answer can’t be let go is just a habit and emotion, or the injury is not deep enoughnIf you are deep, you will force yourself to let gonYou can see the tragic consequences of the future at a glancenNot in response, you can't go back, there are cracksnQuestions are easy to do and difficult to donI can't return to the answer, I don’t know if I don’t knownThat is, you don't want to do it yet. When I hurt deeply, I think about it.nNo one can tolerate people to death and be reluctant to be injurednI still love him very muchnThe answers said that the hurt you are not deep enoughnIf you find a other woman, you can't stand it anymorenOr all kinds of abuse younMore 30nBleak

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer When you find that your partner betrayed you, you will feel very angry and hurt, but don't just run out to find a place to divorce or break up directly. Give yourself some time and space, calm down, and then think about your relationship. Because when people are in a state of anger, they have no ability to think. If you are derailed, you can calm down and think about why you betray this relationship. What is your positioning of this relationship, is you playing or serious? What are the emotions and demands behind your behavior? Give yourself full time to comprehensively consider these factors.nI asked my wife to be derailed, and I chose to forgive her for the child. But I am particularly painful now, heartache, uncomfortable, what should I do? teachernAnswer you still read and the two children in the family. After all, there are no one. If you can get your wife's loyalty in the future after this incident, it is also worth it.nChoose the wife who forgive the derailment, then try to think about the good wife's good, take some negative imaginations in your mind, replace it with the other party’s good, or put your attention on the restoration of your wife's relationship with his wife's relationship. , Treat your wife with a more inclusive mentality, and then let yourself come out slowlynIf you can't get out of the shadow of your wife's derailment, then even if you forgive her, you may have lived with pain for a lifetime in your life. In the end, you will still choose to break up ...nAsk the teacher, what should I do, what should I do and do? Only in order to come out of the shadow of my wife's derailment. Can I talk about it meticulously? What should I do?n4 morenBleak

  5. Most men will not forgive their women's derailment, including the derailment of Primary Three. This is because men love face. Women's derailment is equivalent to giving men a heavy slap in front of the world, so men can't raise their heads, and they feel that everyone despise his incompetence: one of his own women can not care, what else can they do? Because face face? Men will not forgive. There is also a difference between men's thinking and women. There is a saying: men love because of sex, women are sexual. That is to say, a man is often found to find a primary three just to satisfy curiosity and vanity conquest, but in their hearts, the family is unshakable, except for individuals who think that there is true love. Many women often have physical betrayal because of their hearts, which shows that women often betray men who betrayed men and minds, except for some of them only to seek stimuli.

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