What does it mean by bank card non -counter transactions?

What does it mean by bank card non -counter transactions?

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  1. Bank card non -counter transactions refer to transactions that are not handled at the counter, usually referring to online business. Including but not limited to mobile banking business, online banking business, POS machine business, and ATM machine business related businesses.
    The expansion information:
    The bank card display non -counter trading means that the card cannot be traded on online banks, mobile banks or self -service banks, and can only go to the counter to handle trading business. Under normal circumstances, the reason for banks to display non -counter transactions may be that the reserved information of users in the bank has expired, or the bank card has not been used for more than half a year, and was turned into a dormant account by the bank. At this time, only cardholders need to go to the counter to go through the procedures.
    The reason why the bank card suspension of non -counter transactions: It may be that the card holder has no transaction within half a year after the bank card is handled; there are also some bank cards in violation of regulations; the ID card has expired and did not go to the bank in time to conduct the bank for conduct Update information; all three situations may occur in non -counter transactions by bank cards.
    What to do if the bank card is suspended from non -counter transactions? How to avoid?
    If first, the reason for the suspension. First of all, when a bank card has suspended non -counter transactions, the reason should be found to see if you have not traded the bank card for six months. If this is the case, you can go to the business hall to handle it. If this is not the reason, it depends on whether I have had violated operations, and I have to go to the bank to explain it before applying for application.
    mame is that the ID card is not updated in time. Some expired ID cards are not updated in time, and the system will also suspend non -counter transactions.
    If, handle according to different reasons. Check the reason for the reason. If your own transaction is not frequent and violated, you must first bring your own documents to inquire, and resume transactions using bank cards according to the operation of the counter personnel. If the document expires, you need to go to the place where you live to replace the documents, and use new documents to update the information to the bank to update the information normally.

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