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  1. Bank cards are restricted to non -cabinet transactions, which are instructions issued by the banking system. The large -scale restriction of transactions in the bank is mainly to cooperate with the current telecommunications financial fraud.
    [Extended information]
    The non -counter transaction refers to the transaction that does not pass through the bank counter, including channels such as mobile banking, online banking, ATM tellers, and POS machines. Because these businesses do not need to be handled at the counter, they are all non -counter business.
    The reason for being limited to non -counter transactions
    The mobile phone number reserved by the bank card is not used by me. The existence of this situation is not a small number. Many bank users like to use the mobile phone number of family members as their bank cards. Although the mobile phone number is in its own home, the bank is responsible for verifying the use of the reserved mobile phone number in order to prevent everything. In this way, users need to provide proof of relative relationships with their families to relieve restrictions. If the mobile phone number reserved is a stranger, it is definitely not allowed. Banks will not easily release transaction restrictions for you.
    The customer account test is the account involved in the case investigated and punished by the public security organ. This type of account is the most serious illegal use of bank cards. Because it is already a money laundering or financial banks identified by the public security organs, this type of account cannot be lifted in the bank. The staff of the bank will ask you to consult the relevant judicial organs to understand the problems of your bank account. In fact, these accounts involved are the result of illegal transfer, rental and implementation of illegal transactions. The bank is responsible for cooperating with the public security organs to jointly crack down.
    The bank card has no transactions within six months. Some bank users are rarely used after opening a bank account by themselves. After all, the use of WeChat and Alipay is very convenient now. Some bank users rarely use bank cards after recharging electronic wallets. Although I also deposit it to the bank card, once there is no normal transaction of a bank over six months, banks will also restrict non -counter transactions. After all, it is not used for about six months, and the bank will determine that this type of bank card is an unprepared account, and there are certain hidden risks.
    My basic information incompletely reserved in the bank. The basic information of bank users mainly includes name pinyin, address, certificate validity period, etc. If one information does not meet the true identity, the possibility of being restricted by banks is also very high. Because the basic information is not updated in time, the bank is also responsible for further verification. Until verification, non -counter trading restrictions will be stopped first.

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