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  1. Non -agricultural data usually refers to the US non -agricultural employment rate. You can refer to the following content.

    1. Non -agricultural data is not only the main indicator reflecting the status of the US employment market, but also one of the key basis for the Federal Reserve to formulate monetary policy. Its impact on the trend of the US dollar is very obvious, and it is also an important economic data that affects the trend of precious metals such as gold and silver and the entire financial market. Non -farm is divided into large non -farmers and small non -agricultural farmers. The non -agricultural that we usually refer to Dafei farmers. "Small non -agricultural", which is ADP employment data, was released by Automatic Data (American Automatic Data Processing Company), referred to as ADP, is an unofficial data.
    2. Non -agricultural data has a profound impact on foreign exchange. Non -agricultural data affects investment prices (silver, gold, exchange rates, etc.) through the US dollar:
    (1) Non -agricultural data announcement value exceeds expectations of expectations. It shows that the employment situation in the United States is developing well, and the economic situation in the United States is further improved. To a large extent, the beautiful non -agricultural data also helps the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Potential high interest rates have promoted the foreign exchange market to promote the appreciation of the US dollar. The index has further risen, and investment (silver, gold, exchange rate, etc.) under pressure, the price declines.
    (2) Non -agricultural data is lower than expected, indicating that the employment situation in the United States is weak, the US economic situation turns bad, and the market's confidence in the US dollar will also weaken. The price rose naturally.
    (3) In summary, US non -agricultural data is an important indicator to observe the degree of development and status of the United States' socio -economic and financial development. Its data performance directly affects the US dollar, and the rise and fall of the US dollar index will also bring corresponding gains and declines to investment prices. Analysts of Juhui GGFX suggested that investors can pay attention to the announcement of the data of non -agricultural employment and unemployment rates in the evening, and pay attention to the news.

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  3. Data indicators that refer to the employment status of the non -agricultural population in the United States' non -agricultural population published by the Ministry of Labor Statistics, including the three values ​​of non -agricultural employment, employment rate and unemployment rate. The release time is the first Friday every month. Non -agricultural data can intuitively show the employment status of the non -agricultural population in the United States, which objectively reflects the rise and fall of the US economy. Then you can glimpse the future investment value of the dollar.
    It is the most sensitive monthly economic indicator in the market, which can greatly affect the value of the US dollar in the currency market. It affects the entire foreign exchange market. Investors can usually invest in benefits from them.
    . For example, if the data is good, that is, the employment rate is higher than before, then it means that the economic development is better, and the US dollar assets are more investment value, and the US dollar appreciation. These are transactions that foreign exchange traders must focus on transactions. Chance.
    This Thursday is just on the announcement of the non -agricultural data in July tomorrow night. Every time I am a non -agricultural night, I will solve the market in the Asa foreign exchange community to analyze the trend of non -agricultural data.

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