4 thoughts on “Is the DCE traffic platform real?”

  1. The credibility is not high. It can accumulate to more than ten hundreds of thousands of RMB in one year without recharge. Do you think it is reliable? When I added their group, I kicked me.

    The income is higher if recharging, which can be millions in two years (because it can accumulate), even if the IP has a maximum of 100,000 IP)*24 (each IP one day's income)*30 (number of days)/400 (traffic ratio ratio ratio) = 18W, then 180,000 a month, and 180,000 a month. Ten people are just people. One hundred and eighty million, one hundred people are 18 million. Do you think there are such good things?

    but the biggest problem is that no matter if you charge or not, you must have two months to return the book, that is, if you charge the money, they run away within two months You lose, and the benefits of two months later are considerable. After half a year, it is a lot of income. After one year, it is even higher than the ordinary white -collar workers. After two years, the IP is 100,000. One month is the income I calculated above. Do you think it is reliable?

  2. It can be said that it may be true at present, mainly for withdrawal.
    As for the income, wealth management products are relatively high, and the traffic platform is not as exaggerated as above to 100,000 a year. It can be almost a few dollars a month, and it is only dozens of dollars a year for a year ..
    For risks, it must be the most worrying. It is afraid that it is similar to MLM; 2 may also be a new type of operation.
    Anyway, don't hold the idea of ​​getting rich, and make money honestly;
    It can't get the temptation, you can pay a little money, make a cigarette money, and lose a little if you pay it. Packing cigarettes ~. ~!

  3. The DCE traffic platform is a fake platform. The qualifications and certifications above are fake. There is no customer service phone (this is the most basic common sense). Similarly, the website has not been certified. Therefore There is no earnings for a month, and it is a bit income for the second month without investing.

  4. Those who lie to them are now entering their QQ group. They do n’t follow them, saying that T is T, it is not a regular company at all. Do n’t invest in millions of money. Feel the rhythm of running at any time

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