How about the Republic of Africa?

How about the public security and living conditions of the capital?

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  1. Chad is an economical backward agricultural and animal husbandry country and one of the most developed countries in the world. After the current presidential President is in power, he accepts the economic structure adjustment plan of the International Monetary Fund, focusing on rectifying state -owned enterprises and public officials such as cotton companies and public officials; encouraging private investment and development of small and small enterprises; announcing the implementation of corporate privatization and free economy; cracking down on smuggling, fighting, and smashing Guarantee taxes; actively strive for international assistance and encourage foreign investment.
    The Republic of Chad, referred to as "Chad" (or translated Chad, Arabic: تشاد, French: TCHAD), is a inland country in central Africa, north of Teria, neighboring east to east Sudan, south of the Central African Republic, southwest, neighbors of Cameroon and Nigeria, and Niger in the west. The capital and the largest city are Enjamina.
    Thenan name is named after the name of the largest lake in the country, the name of Lake Chad. The highest peak in the territory is the Cushan Mountain in the Sahara Desert. It is divided into three major geographical areas: the desert areas in the north, which is a tropical desert climate; The arid Sahele area in the central part is a tropical grassland climate; the more fertile Sudan grassland area in the south is a tropical rain forest climate. There are more than 200 ethnic groups in Chad. French and Arabic are official languages, and Islam is the most religious religion.
    The population: 12.1 million people in Chad nationwide (2012). The urban population is 25%and the rural population is 74.8%. 47.3%of the population is less than 15 years old, the birth rate is 42.35 per 1,000, the mortality rate is 16.69, and the per capita life expectancy is 47.2 years. The population density of Borku-Enshddi Tisbas (located in the Sahara area) is 0.1 per square kilometer, while the population density of Slogon is per square kilometer 52.4 people per square kilometer. , Enja Merner's population density is higher. About half of the country's population ranks one -fifth of the southern areas.

    The nation: 256 ethnic groups in Chad. The northern, central and eastern residents are Berbell, Wadai, Tupu, Bagel Mi, etc. of the Arabian descent, accounting for about 45%of the national population; residents in the south and southwest are mainly the Salan. , Malaysia, Koto, Mongolian, etc., accounting for about 55%of the national population.

  2. I did not live in the capital. We worked at the front line. I worked in Chad in May to August 13 years. Public security in the capital is okay, but because the capital price is more expensive and political reasons, locals sometimes be demonstrated. It is best to stay at the place of work to minimize going out. The Chinese people were arrested by the police in June because they did not bring their documents, and the embassy later resolved. Charian corruption is relatively serious, and sometimes it will cost money when applying for entry!

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