How to make a virtual LAN how to make a virtual LAN? Ask God to explain, it is best to have pictures. Urgent! Intersection Intersection

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  1. The Chinese name "Virtual Local Area Network) is called" Virtual LAN ". VLAN is a kind of local network device logically divided into network segments, so as to achieve emerging data exchange technology of the virtual working group. This emerging technology is mainly used in switches and routers, but mainstream applications are still in switches. But not all switches have this function. Only the switch above the third floor of the VLAN protocol has this function. This can be known to see the corresponding switch's instructions.
    The following is the online tutorial "Virtual LAN Configuration":
    . Simple virtual local area network division
    , no matter what, the router and the switch must be set. In terms of, the router as the access device, dividing VLAN from the switch is more commonly used, and it is also easier to manage.
    The purpose of this example is to use the switch to configure VLAN. The router is used as the network exit of the intranet and plays a routing role. The simple network topology diagram is shown in Figure 1.
    The first step: configure the router. In order to allow the entire network to communicate normally, the first step must be simply configured the router. Here we mainly explain the configuration method of the IP address. If the first configuration router needs to be connected by serial port, if the router has been configured before, then you can use the Telnet method to connect directly. Here is a telnet method to connect to the router to set the Ethernet interface IP address of the router to 10.150. 224.1, the subnet mask is In the actual configuration process, you can modify the IP address and subnet mask according to your actual situation.
    After entering the router, enter the following commands in turn. After "//", simply explain the command. There is no need to enter when actual configuration. r benable // Enter the privilege mode
    configure terminality // Enter the configuration mode
    hostname // // Configure the IP address and subnet mask of the current interface
    no shut // Open the interface
    The command line above, all the prompts are ignored, and the actual execution results can refer to Figure 2.
    Step 2: Configure the switch. The benefits of all the equipment using Cisco are very obvious, and the compatibility and stability are not mentioned. Even those who command the same roads are basically the same, and the configuration is convenient.
    The configuration exchange is also relatively simple. Just set VLAN as needed, and then assign each port of the switch to the specific VLAN.
    The execution of the following commands to complete the creation of a VLAN, and assigned the No. 1 port to the created VLAN. r benable // Enter the privilege mode
    configure terminality // Enter the configuration mode
    vlan 11 name pcs // Create VLAN
    interface E0 /1 // /Assigning the current port to VLAN
    above the above is the division of VLAN and the commands involved in the assignment port. You can create the VLAN that suits you according to your needs. 3 shown.
    The equipment configuration of different models is slightly different. When used, you can view the command of the command by "?"
    . Virtual LAN configuration
    The above is just a simple VLAN division. By performing the corresponding IP settings on the client, you can pass the switch. Finally The routing configuration needs to be configured in the large enterprise network.
    The simplicity chart is similar to the same figure, but the routing settings of the virtual local area network. Generally, the equipment is relatively high -end. Here is an example of the 5500 switch and the 3640 router as an example. Here The three virtual LANs have been divided into 11, 22, and 33 respectively. Now the routes between the virtual LAN are realized through 3640, and the port that supports ISL on the switch is connected to the port of the router. r benable
    configure terminality
    interface ethernet 0 /0
    ISL 11
    ip address
    INTERFACE ETHERNET 0 /1 N isl 22 niP address
    ISL 33
    IP Address
    The specific execution effect is shown in Figure 4.
    After some configuration, the routing between the virtual local area network is basically implemented. At this time, you can view the current configuration through the show command. Essence
    . Summary
    The configuration method of Cisco equipment is diverse. Different combinations can be configured with different effects. In the specific configuration process, it can play a little role.

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