2 thoughts on “What are the characteristics of virtual logistics and virtual logistics?”

  1. Virtual logistics refers to logistics operations and management of computer network technology to realize the sharing and optimization configuration of logistics resources between enterprises.
    The elements of virtual logistics include: virtual logistics tissue, virtual logistics reserve, virtual logistics distribution, virtual logistics services.
    It virtual logistics organizations can make logistics activities more adaptable and profitable in market competition;
    On virtual logistics reserves can be reduced by centralized reserves and scheduling reserves to reduce costs;
    virtual logistics distribution can make the supply of supply Through the product closest to the product, it uses remote control transportation resources to realize delivery;
    It virtual logistics services can provide a virtual service to reduce fixed costs.

  2. Virtual logistics is generally used for delivery of virtual items, such as: mobile phone recharge, Q coins, game coins, game point cards; when buying such items, because there is no actual logistics, that is, no courier is required to receive delivery and shipping. Therefore, choosing virtual delivery is the virtual logistics
    normal logistics: Generally, it is physical, that is, stylish and qualitative things. The courier needs to receive the goods
    and shipped through the courier company.

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