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    The public chain is also called "public chain". The so -called difference between public and private lies in whether the nodes on the chain are controlled by themselves, and the public chain corresponds to the private chain; Essence
    M public chain means that anyone around the world can enter the system at any time to read data, send a blockchain that can confirm transactions and compete. The public chain is usually considered "completely decentralized" because no individual or institution can control or tampering with the read and write of the data.
    The public chain generally encourages participants to compete for accounting through the token mechanism to ensure the security of data. In terms of application, the blockchain public chain includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, super ledger, most cottage coins, and smart contracts. Among them, the ancestor of the blockchain public chain is Bitcoin blockchain.
    At present, most Ethereum projects relied on Ethereum as a public chain. Ethereum is a new and open blockchain platform. Application. Ethereum is a programmable blockchain that allows users to create complex operations according to their own wishes. It can be used as a platform for decentralized blockchain applications.
    Except for financial applications, any application scenarios that have higher requirements for trust, security and durability, such as asset registration, voting, management and the Internet of Things, etc., will be affected by the Ethereum platform on a large scale. Essence

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