1 thought on “Will the profit be recovered after the funds collapsed?”

  1. almost impossible.
    The funds are continuously upgraded, and there are various ways of gameplay. Some funds are often suspected of MLM, illegal fundraising, fraud, Ponzi schemes, and ICO (virtual currency financing). When a fund is collapsed or running, the victim reports to the case to defend his rights, and the official usually uses MLM, illegal fund -raising or fraud.
    It has begun to active since entering the 4G network era (also known as the era of mobile Internet). As a result, a big news burst out every three or five days. It was either this funding collapse or that fund was running. In fact, it is not surprising that the cycle of the capital disk is usually between half a year and three years. The final ending is either collapse or running. It is destined. However, the collapse or running of funds is not only money, but also life.

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