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  1. 1. You can replace the currency to BTC, USDT, ETH, HT to fiat currency transactions and turn into RMB.

    2. Enter the URL Huobi OTC; there is an account, click "Login", and then refer to Step 3. Without an account, click "Register";

    3. On the registration page, select "Nationality", enter "Mobile Number", and click "Get the Verification Code" (taking mobile phone registration as an example). Then enter the received verification code, set the login password, and click "Register".

    4. Click "Login" in the upper right corner, enter the registered mobile phone number, login password, drag the slider to the right, click "Login".

    5. To sell digital currencies, you first need to recharge or transfer some digital currency to your fiat currency trading account wallet (reference, how to coins? How to transfer?).

    6. Select the currency you want (here as an example of selling USDT), consider the price and payment method to select advertisements, and click "Sell USDT".

    7. Input quantity/amount, confirm the transaction price and amount again, enter the funds password, and click "OK".

    8. After the order is created, wait for the buyer to pay.

    9. After the buyer clicks the "I Pay" button, please check if the money is received carefully. After confirming the account, click "Confirm the receipt and let it go.

    10. Enter the funds password, check" I confirm ... ", click" Confirm the release ".

    11. Put the digital currency and complete the transaction.

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