5 thoughts on “Which of GTA6 or GTA7 is fun? Waiting for a master to answer!”

  1. In fact, although everyone says that GTA7 is not as good as GTA6, I still think 7 also has its own advantages. First of all, the 7th generation is 1.5 times the 7th generation, and the modeling of the 7th generation NPC and wild animals is actually more detailed than the modeling. The previous generation is more refined, but the 56th generation of multi -protagonist setting has been canceled. There is no new breakthrough in the gameplay, which is considered a few disadvantages. Soon, there must be a lot of subsequent DLC waiting according to the roster routine, but the GTA series, there is nothing to compare, it is fun. As for the red and white machine that the landlord said, the God of War 5th generation can be played before. In fact, the red and white Switch of the Red and White Switch will be released in a few months. The landlord can wait and see for a while

  2. It is definitely GTA6. Although the GTA7 has a higher picture quality, there are only three cities, four GTA6, and the GTA6 main task and branch line task are more and more exciting. There are two hundred GTA6. Moreover, GTA6 has more guns, and even laser guns have come. GTA7 has three more than GTA5. However, GTA8 is the most fun. The quality of the picture is fake and true, and there are 30 weapons. If you add a MOD, you can get an alien machine gun. There is no pressure to pass the main line of tank war. So instead of playing GTA6 and GTA7, it is better to spend a few hundred play 8.

  3. The landlord is very wronged. The person who scolds you should regret not reading the full text now. The problem of the landlord is obviously fishing. This is really a wish.
    The landlord should do a social practice survey. This seems that your purpose has been achieved, and the data is almost collected. You can have a research report.
    "Looking at this GTA6 more than a year ago, the game feels more fun than the new GTA7", 7 and 6 are more than 1 year apart? Please think about whether the original poster will be so stupid, huh, you have entered the trap of the landlord.
    "Can you play the old game of the island crisis and the God of War on the red and white machine"? The landlord has said the red and white machine. Do you think he will be really stupid? never mind.

    The landlord may really be senior gamers, playing games online, offline players.

    The landlord is coming to fish ...

  4. After reading the problem of the landlord, I have to spray, and I also have a senior game player. People say that I have read for so many years. You have played the game for so many years. Also GTA6, GTA7, should I say that GTA8 is next time? Is it more you wear? If this game TM is not available, you can ask which one is fun? I really do n’t know if you really want to scold or what happened. Do you understand what the previous work is? Do you think San Andreas is GTA5? So I can only say that you are really playing in vain. Why don't you search GTA6? See if there is any game, you want to find a video or play the game as white as you, or you just pretend to be stupid! What qualifications do you have to scold others stupid? You don't know if you want to talk nonsense. I really don't understand how you play the game, I don't even know how many.

  5. well said! I think GTA8888 is fun! Also, there are many games that red and white functions can play! Is there any landlord that is SB, the landlord's mental retardation, the original poster is a pig and the original poster, the landlord must be JB mental retardation

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