What is online pig?

As soon as I turn on the computer, it shows that it wants to download automatically. I suspect that it is not a good thing. Who can tell me?
(a bit like a Trojan ~)

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  1. Rogue software

    The online pig is a new generation of search engines in China, which allows everyone to have their own personal information portal. A desktop software based on search engines and can integrate multiple functions (such as: MP3 songs, video on -which download movies, chat, text messages, weather forecasts, customized latest news, etc.). You don't need to open IE, as long as you enter keywords, you can search for information on the desktop.
    It feels that the hooligan software has been installed in order to make some pig coins. If you have troubled it for a long time, it will be integrated in many shared software. Integrated programs such as online pigs can be selected (but some shared software does not allow you to choose, you can only uninstall it after installation).
    It the solution is that if you don't want this online pig, you can perform the uninstallation program (should .exe) in the system partition's Program Fileswsearch directory.
    or manual removal is to directly delete the WSEARCH folder and its following files under the suspension of the program, and then remove the relevant information in the registry.

  2. Zhong Sou was developed by HC International, and he claimed to be a rising star in the field of search. It is currently in its infancy, but after being promoted by rogue software, it has taken advantage of many users' search engine choices. At the end of 2003, the HC search was renamed as a Chinese search and launched the third -generation intelligent search engine. Recently, China Search for the main desktop search-online pig, which is one of the infamous rogue software.

    The introduction of online pig 3.0:

    's personal portal of the "e" era- "Internet pig" is a desktop software launched by China. The functions of the news center, my news center, MP3 song table, personal secretary, and instant messaging are one of them. It truly realizes the "customer -centric" network service method. Users do not have to remember the complex URL, do not need to open IE frequently. There is no traditional search method, as long as the "online pig" can be fully realized to fully realize a personalized network. The Internet pig brings you a lot of convenience: instant messaging functions provide you with super powerful instant chat tools, so that you can truly enjoy the feeling of communication without limits; advanced search methods combine traditional search boxes and searches of words search searches. Let you search at anytime, anywhere; news customization function allows you to customize the latest developments of international and domestic news and various news that you care about; weather forecasting functions can provide weather conditions in major cities across the country within 1 to 3 days. , Provide the most detailed weather situation for your travel; the small secretary takes care of your daily work and life for you, with a variety of functions such as schedule management reminders, instant posts, and commonly used office software shortcuts; MP3 song table is your leisure For a good place, it is an MP3 search tool designed by the KTV song system. It can be searched through strokes, numbers and pinyin. It is your personal KTV.

  3. Rogue software China searches, I use the rogue software to clean up the master easily, it is difficult to use the super rabbit to download it/soft/25172

  4. Upstairs, pay attention to words and deeds!

    not a bitch, but the cheap pig to

    (I hate the most hate in CNNIC Internet and online pigs! I would rather buy a book such as a website Daquan. Search for no need to search!)

  5. It is not a Trojan, but it is a hooligan software. It is often binding in some software, and it cannot be completely uninstalled. It is annoying.

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