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  1. "GTA6" is also "Grand Theft Auto 6". The game will officially meet with players in 2023. The specific time will not be determined. The actual official announcement time shall prevail.
    "Grand theft Auto Vi" is the sixth work of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, which has not yet been listed; the game has not been officially announced, and the setting of plots, virtual maps, and release time have not yet been clear.
    Extension information:
    The rumors believe that the "GTA6" background will be the previous Liberty City New York, and it may also expand to the United States. (The compressed version of the United States may be 5 times or 6 times larger than "GTA5") and continue the main online mode.
    In the reliability of foreign media, it is speculated that the masterpiece "GTA6" will be released in 2021 and officially released in 2022. And it is possible to add female characters and NPC AI to be greatly improved, and it is still the starting PC of Sony and Microsoft's host.
    Reference information Source:
    Baidu Encyclopedia-Grand Theft Auto 6

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