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  1. It just brushed the machine to today. When I frozen the application, I found this unknown application. I learned through the keyword search that the Chinese famous black tea mobile is used to use it overseas. Network and services. At the same time, 5.1.5y has a more than 1.4. APK was not found, but the translation was roaming payment. It is estimated that it is supporting black tea. At present, I have frozen these two. Normal use.

  2. It should be international traffic. It can be purchased in real time. It is quite affordable. It will be used in Hong Kong, Macau or overseas tourism.

  3. Windows 7 Starter (primary version):
    can be added to the home group. There are many changes in the taskbar, and there are Jumplists menu, but there is no Aero.
    A lack of functions: aviation special effects; creation of homegroup; complete mobile functions.
    A available range: only put in emerging markets, only installed on specific machines of original equipment manufacturers, and limited to certain special types of hardware.
    This background application, such as file backup utility, but once the backup program is opened, the background application will be automatically triggered.
    Windows 7 Starter (Windows 7 Starter) will not allow users to replace the desktop wallpaper with OEM manufacturers. Except for wallpaper, the theme color and sound solution shall not be changed. OEM and other partners will not allow customized content. Microsoft said: "For Windows 7 primary version, OEM must not modify or replace the background of Windows welcome center, login interface and desktop."
    Windows 7 Home Basic (home basic version):
    and Vista. The former is only used for emerging market countries. The main new features are unlimited applications, preview of real-time shrinkage diagrams, enhanced visual experience (still no AERO), advanced network support (AD-HOC wireless network and Internet connection support ICS), mobile center (Mobility Center).
    lack of functions: aviation special effects function; real -time retracting diagram preview, Internet connection sharing.
    A available range: only put in emerging markets (excluding the United States, Western Europe, Japan, and other developed countries).
    Windows 7 Home Premium (Family Advanced Edition):
    The high -end interface, high -end window navigation, improved media format support, media centers and media flow enhancement (including Play to), multi -touch, multiple touch, Better handwriting recognition and so on.
    Conal function: aviation special effects; multi -media functions; multimedia function (playing movies and burning DVDs); forming a home network group.
    A available range: global.
    Windows 7 (Professional Edition):
    The commercial version of instead of VISTA, support the addition of data protection functions, position perception printing technology such as Domain Join, advanced network backup and encrypted file systems (can be in Family or office networks automatically choose the right printer) and so on.
    Conal function: strengthen the function of the network, such as domain adding; high -level backup function; position perception printing; offline folder; mobile center (Mode).
    A available range: global.
    Windows 7 (Enterprise Version):
    This provides a series of enterprise -level enhanced features: bitlocker, built -in and external drive data protection; AppLocker, locking non -authorized software operation; seamless connection based on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise network; Windows Server 2008 R2 cache; and so on.
    Conal function: Branch cache; bitlocker; appLocker; (enhanced virtualization); (management); and (compatibility and deployment); VHD guidance support.
    A available range: only batch permit.
    Windows 7 Ultimate (flagship version):
    The consumer -level and enterprise -level features of the new operating system, of course, the hardware resources consumed are the largest.
    Conal function: All functions.
    A available range: limited.

    Equipment name
    Basic requirements

    1GHz and above
    Windows 7 include 32 Position and 64 -bit versions. If you want to install 64 -bit versions, the support of CPU needs

    1GB and above
    64 bit systems require 2GB and above

    hard disk
    16GB above can use space
    64 -bit system more than 20GB

    graphics card
    directx9 graphics card support
    Wddm1.0 or higher n
    If the graphics card is lower than this configuration, the transparent effect may not be able to achieve

    It other devices
    DVD R/W drive For online activation, if you do not activate, you can only use up to 30 days

    Windows 7 at the start of the screen

    The memory only occupies 40m at running, which is unimaginable and too tempting!

    . However, in fact, the latest Windows Seven requires 12GB of hard disk space and needs to occupy more than 275MB of memory at runtime. However, this is enough to save energy than Vista.

    Windows 7 supports multiple different display adapters, that is, you can use different graphics cards on the same machine to connect multiple displays at the same time; update the stronger Media Center. In addition, according to the Win7 plan, only the XDDM driver can be used, and it is not possible to certify for XP.
    [Edit this paragraph] Some information worthy of the information about Windows 7

    * Windows 7 design mainly focuses on five key points ; User personalization; optimization of audiovisual entertainment; new engine for users' ease of use.

    * Windows 7 will be more modular, component -but Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will not include the MINWIN core (coming from the Sinofsky Q

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