5 thoughts on “How can I change the ingots into RMB in the legend?”

  1. 1. The businessman in the game recycled: This method is convenient and fast, but the risk is high.

    2, dedicated online game trading venues: for example, 5173 online game transactions, Shanda Mall, etc., but it will charge a certain fee.
    3, browse people will be a little more, and there will be more opportunities to sell, but it will also charge a certain fee.
    4, Alipay account is the Alipay account name registered on the Alipay website!

  2. 1) Please make sure you have a Shanda Pass for "ingots for sale" and have successfully bound the mobile phone number. If this account is not bound to the mobile phone number, please click here for binding >>, otherwise the "ingot sale" cannot be performed.
    2) For the first time for ingots, please click on the "ingots" in the game "Gold Coin Trading" interface to bind the Alipay account. Only by successfully binding Alipay accounts (required for real -name certification) can "ingots sell".
    3) Alipay account: Alipay account is the Alipay account name you registered on the Alipay website!
    4) Account name: The real name corresponding to the Alipay account that is filled in!
    5) Warm reminder: due to browsing browsing Different from the device, the "ingots" page may pop up directly in the game, or it may minimize to the taskbar display.

  3. If you want to change the Yuanbao in the game, you need to meet several conditions, and if you want to meet these conditions, it can be said that it is very simple.
    Wen: In the game, get a large number of ingots;
    The second: turn on the transaction function in the game;
    Es: Master the ratio of ingots for money; After you meet the above conditions, next, you need to find the ingots in the game first, and at the same time discuss the proportion of Yuanbao's money to change money, and the ratio of Yuanbao's money is 1: 100. After that Sold the stalls in the security area of ​​the game. When the ingots sell items, you can change the ingots in the game to change money.

  4. You can sell it, go to 5173 to apply for a number, and then you put the ingots in a trumpet, hang a order in 5173. Generally, someone who sells ingots will buy him to see 5173, and then pay the trader who pays over there. At the meeting, you will give him ingots and then call the payment to your designated bank account! I often sell it!

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