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  1. 1. View the account area
    The click on the upper right corner of the STEAM client "View My Personal Data" to see which country/region belongs to the account. The payment methods or recharge cards in different regions are different.
    2. Open the Steam wallet page
    Click on the upper right corner of the Steam client to "View My Wallet" to open the wallet page.
    3. Select recharge method
    has two recharge methods. Select the amount you want to recharge for payment, or use the recharge card.
    : Select the amount of recharge (suitable for national district)
    select the amount you want to recharge, and complete the payment step by step to complete the payment.
    The attention is! Only Alipay or WeChat can be used in the national district, and international credit cards need to be used in other areas! Method 2: Use the recharge card (suitable for areas outside the country)
    The purchase of a local recharge card for recharge according to the area where your account is located. It is not a local recharge card, and it will become local currencies after recharge.
    Is who do n’t know where to buy Steam recharge cards can contact customer service >> Customer service link
    Click on the “Exchange Steam Gift Card or Wallet Charging Code” on the right side of the Steam wallet page to open the following recharge page r
    Enter the code of the STEAM recharge card on this page, and then click "Continue" to recharge successfully.
    Pelasi on this page, you can see the balance of your wallet after the recharge.

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