1 thought on “How to recharge Steam's wallet?”

  1. No recharge, download BuffApp on your mobile phone, you can buy the desired CS Go items through Alipay or bank card recharge to relieve the $ 5 restriction.
    Since STEAM is a very safe and strict game platform, you need to do some security configuration and preparation work before starting the BUFF transaction.
    Once you complete, you can smoothly and safely conduct jewelry transactions on the buff, buy your favorite game accessories, and earn the first bucket of gold in your game.
    The origin of the revolution
    steam is a integrated game download platform. In 2002, the Steam system came out with CS1.4 Beta. So far, STEAM's operations are very successful, and countless game distribution companies have been released and updated on this platform.
    esteam English original translation is steam. As for why it is called "Steam". The speed of downloading the game on the Steam platform is very fast. The speed is as thin as steam, which is incredible, so it is called Steam. Under normal circumstances, it can reach full speed, and currently there are 7 domestic download points to use.

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