1 thought on “How to recharge the Steam port area”

  1. Log in to the Steam account, click the account details, click to recharge the wallet, select the recharge amount, and select the payment method for payment to recharge the Steam balance. Enter the account information and click [Login]. Click at the ID in the upper right corner and click [Account Details]. Click [Advantage for your Steam wallet]. Select the amount to be recharged, click [recharge]. Select a payment method, click [Continue]. Click [Jump to XX payment] to recharge the Steam balance.
    1. Take the STEAM balance transaction. To put it bluntly, the merchant charges the recharge card to his number. The buyer here is a business in the market, and the money is on the buyer number. This is generally about 20 % off, and the account will be received in about 5 minutes, and there will be no risks. After all, the card is charged on the merchant number.
    2. The account transfer zone to charge the US dollar card. The previous 50 100 -knife recharge card cannot be charged directly in the country. The merchant will give you the area where you can recharge the US dollar card before recharge. Essence This is generally about 70 % off, and the time is not necessarily. The merchant will not guarantee that the transfer zone will not be red, or that sentence, don't buy it, buy and don't counsel.
    3. Large US dollar card direct charging, generally a recharge card with more than 200 knives, can be charged in the country without a transfer area. This is generally about 20 % off. It takes a long time because this large card is relatively rare, and there are fewer sold on TB.

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