It took billions of dollars to use it for 100 years, and the gravitational wave value that humans finally found were not worth it?

5 thoughts on “It took billions of dollars to use it for 100 years, and the gravitational wave value that humans finally found were not worth it?”

  1. What is the gravitational wave actually doing? It seems that there is no actual use in now. But what's the use of this problem like when electromagnetic waves were discovered? But now our daily life is inseparable from electromagnetic waves. Radio waves are used for communication; microwave for microwave ovens, satellite communication, etc.; Infrared rays for remote control, heat imaging instruments, infrared guidance missiles, etc. It can be seen that light is the basis for all creatures to look at things; ultraviolet rays are used for medical disinfection, verification of counterfeit currency, distance measurement, and engineering detection. X -rays are used for CT photography; gamma rays are used for treatment, which transforms atoms, produce new rays, and so on. Who knows how much gravitational waves will bring to our lives in the future. Therefore, the importance of scientific research is that it will bring completely unexpected surprises to human beings, and its return is always numerous than its investment!
    is like water waves. Gravity waves are ripples of time and space curvature, so as to use The form of waves spreads from the radiation source to the outside, and the energy is transmitted in the form of gravitational radiation. Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves in a general theory of 1916. Einstein's mathematics shows that large -quality, accelerated objects (such as neutron stars and black holes around each other) will destroy the space -time structure, and the "wave" that distorted the space to radiate from its source. These ripples will cross the universe at the speed of light, with information about radiation sources, some of its energy, and important clues about the nature of gravity itself. If you think of a ripple thrown into the lake, the gravitational wave is the ripple of the space, but we can't see them.
    It may change people's views on space. The space was once considered to be empty until it was found that countless cosmic rays passed through it. The same is true of our daily experience. For example, if we live in the air, if we do not move, we will not feel its existence. When we move, we will have wind. The fish in the water is not moving, and the existence of the water cannot be felt. Whether the space is also full of a substance in the imagination of Aristotle, called ether, cannot be moved, cannot be perceived, but is stirred by the movement of large -quality objects and produces waves? Like we just heard, gravitational waves are generated by the interaction of large quality objects. If so, can we use this characteristic or substance in space? This is all conjectures, it is not true!

  2. The gravitational waves found by humans are worth it, because this is the prerequisite and foundation for exploring everything. Only by finding the gravitational waves can we better explore mystery.

  3. It is very worthwhile, because if we do this, it can let us understand the universe and let us understand the quality of the object, which has something to do with gravity.

  4. It is worth it, because this situation can promote scientific research, allowing us to understand the situation of gravitational waves.

  5. Well, because this kind of environment may promote science research or may I solve the gravitational wave environment.

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