5 thoughts on “My girlfriend wants Surprise, what is a Surprise?”

  1. Surprise, for girls, it is a memorable thing. Such things are often willing to spend a lot of money to meet the various requirements of women-
    but Surprise does not have to spend a lot of cash to satisfy. You have a skill, you can still give girls romantic, such as a ring, a forage ring made by yourself, or a bottle of paper cranes, full of wishes and so on.

  2. It depends on your girlfriend is the type of girl, the right medicine, if it is a pure type, you can make a photo album with her with your heart, you can use True Love or Happy Birthday, you If you can make good use of Ill Be there, if you move the woman, make a bookmark in it. After she got her hand, she looked at the album and saw the touching bookmark (made into a heart type). The tears were rushing!

  3. Take a piece of coin. Essence Play a good -looking ring. Essence If you still feel expensive. Essence Take a hair. Essence Essence

  4. I think this problem is a bit embarrassed. First, we don't know what type of girls your girlfriend is? age? taste? {Of course you can also choose not to answer} Second, the cost you said is low? Low geometric? Third, Hong Kong? What can I not buy in that place? Only we thought of buying there!
    Actually, sometimes the care and blessings and sweetness between the two people do not rely on a gift or a new type of creativity. A long -distance lover like you, I think you fly to Hong Kong on your birthday, you are her best gift, the biggest Surprise! I think she must have thought you can accompany her with her birthday! I think you can really refer to this suggestion! Because I am also a woman.

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