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  1. Dual currency cards contain two credit cards containing two settlement accounts, which generally refer to RMB settlement accounts and another foreign currency settlement account, such as US dollars. Two currency cards are suitable for people who use overseas bank cards. Due to the limited region that supports UnionPay networks abroad, the dual currency card just solves this problem and completes settlement through a foreign currency account.
    The three international bank card organizations with the strongest circulation are VISA (Visa), Master (Masterda), and American Express. Major banks in China cooperate with these three international bank card organizations, corresponding dual currency cards.
    It the use of dual currency cards
    The dual currency cards are marked with UnionPay and another settlement method, indicating that this card supports these two settlements. When traveling abroad, it is best to bring a dual currency card. In areas with UnionPay networks, whether you have a single -standard card or UnionPay dual currency card on you, you can ask the UnionPay network to complete the liquidation. Just where there is no UnionPay network, the payment of foreign currency accounts can help you from paying for the embarrassment. There are three major advantages of overseas UnionPay networks:
    1, no need to pay 1-2%of the currency conversion fee, VISA and Masterda are the cardholder to pay the fee for the cardholder
    2, foreign currency card swiping RMB deduction, avoid more The loss of the loss, no need to buy foreign exchange after returning to China for repayment.
    3, ATM withdrawal fee is relatively low

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