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  1. After reading a masterpiece, what do you have to summarize? Can't just read it, write a post -reading feeling. So how do I feel after reading? The following is the feeling of reading the moon and the six peculiar monks I collected for everyone, hoping to help everyone.
    Munity and six stools after reading 1 feeling 1 did not expect that this was a book similar to character biography. I didn't read the introduction before reading. I just feel that the title of this book is full of poetry.
    If as a story, it is not very interesting, because it adds a lot of "side branches" that looks like there is no connected "side branches" in addition to the main line of the story of the protagonist, some are jerky and some look boring. I feel that Maum is a humble and kind person. Don't care whether the story is true, he uses a realistic expression to tell the story, making it read a strong sense of realism, but the content is a strange or even "unrealistic" pursuit of ideals on the basis of reality. The story of a terrible person.
    The people who are recognized by everyone may not necessarily have noble sentiments, but he is likely to have something different from others.
    Strekland's attitude towards the ideal attitude is matched with Aita, who is married after being a big native wife. Tachti Island, which is all -encompassing, is also matched with him, where he (Tachti Island) has been devoted to creation throughout his life. It turned out that the wife of Jinyi Yu Food pursued vanity and asked him to wear a mask to keep "decent" at all times, and he fled. After that, the woman had to possess him again, trying to take him away from the painting, but painting is more important to him. He abandoned his wife and children and a good life, not to pursue the so -called "real love". end. At that time, Strick was scary.
    If there is such a person around me, I think he must be a lunatic. But who knows, we seem to play a crucial role in another field ...
    Monthly and six peculiar princes. Stocking Sizhu Lan into a mediocre securities broker, so that the proud and elegant wife is unwilling to mention it in front of people. When he cut off the worldly bondage, the character characteristics were alive. In the end, he migrated to Daxi, and his personal freedom was released to the biggest. He was able to stop everything to open up the fields he pursued and even created a shocking country. In a civilized society, he is undoubtedly cruel and indifferent after his forty years old, but he is very clear. Only in this way can he not allow himself to mud in the secular world and follow the driver of will to pursue him faintly. That state. Just as the book "Five Lantern Festival": "Inside and outside, kill in the inside and outside. nThe captain in Daxi and the surgeon who went to Egypt to Egypt was just the protagonist's foil. The three of them had the same point, and finally turned to the pursuit of free will, but the degree was different. And Deck and his wife seemed to be a contrast, making people blind, love and desire.
    The author of this book seems to be just telling a concept, and it is just looking at flowers. It may be that the words are light, or the length is not long enough, or the author's intervention disruption with the first person, which causes this concept to be not prominent. Perhaps the freedom of will itself is contrary to the world. The author's evaluation of the first class in the preface is the first priority, and it is reasonable to make it reasonable. The first class is because the author can tell stories, and the second class is because the author only stops telling the story. However, for eating melon, we eat melon, you can tell stories [Smile]
    The month of the month and the six peculiar priests, the feeling of 3 is intermittent and finally finished reading. The pursuit of the first subjective perspective makes people can't help but want to throw the book aside. What are the stuff of this product? When you roll down impatiently, it is like watching a long and boring movie. When the eyelids fight, he starts to understand what he wants to say.
    The I have always been accustomed to speculating others with the greatest maliciousness, so when I know that people are skeptical of Sizhulan to appreciate the replacement, and the problem comes when it is embellished with glory.
    In fact, to some extent, Si Zhulan is a bit like Van Gogh, but it has been enlarged and reduced in some character. In the world of six pence, those warriors who are pursuing the moon alone are always ridiculed and alienated, and once they may find their own moon, even if they are only water in the water, these six pencemen, these want to want these six, these want to want these six, these want to want these six. Following the moon, they were caught in the six pence. These who wanted the moon and reluctant to be willing to treat the six pence, and regarded Sizhulan as a warrior and hero.
    This is not the point. The terrible thing is that once you become a person who is pursuing the moon in Sizhu Lan, it seems that you can occupy the height of morality. You can take it for granted regardless of the death of the six peculins, even what kind of bastard you did. So Si Zhu Lan fled his wife, seduced a husband, abandoned again, and fled again.
    If these can be forgiven, if those who are pursuing the moon are indeed superior, those mediocre people should be teased by fate and chasing the moon. What is even more terrible is that a group of people who collect the six stools in the name of chasing the moon are welcomed by applause and tears in society and the public.
    Clash and six pecular after reading the inexplicable shock. Si Zhu Lan, who had a happy family and a happy life, chose to abandon everything to pursue his paintings when he was almost confused. His blood was eager for a unruly journey, change and unpredictable stimuli, making him choose a more thrilling unknown life.
    This to make Si Zhu Lan's devil is a kind of eager creative desire, telling him not to be peaceful, forcing him to go to the east to create. He is a pilgrimage of a lifetime, always thinking of the Holy Land, and the devil is not mercy to him. Some people long for the truth and pursue the truth, they would rather shatter the cornerstone of their lives. Si Zhu Lan is such a person, but he is pursuing beauty rather than truth.
    At the beginning, I asked himself if he was a genius, but the fate of most genius was not good in the end. I used my narrow worldly concept to understand the six pence, and I guess the ending of a genius who saw the moon. He reminded me of the paranoia and Elon Musk, who made me a fame. At the end, Si Zhu Lan completed his most outstanding painting in the struggle of illness. His painful life was preparing for this painting. With the completion of the work, the tortured lonely soul finally rested. He is willing to die because his mission has been completed. I suddenly thought, why did Van Gogh cut their ears, why did Hemingway commit suicide, and why Nietzsche was crazy?
    It life is lonely. In the real life, do we have such a moment, and we have caught the soul by the devil, and are willing to take the valuable fanatical attempt to chase the light of our desire? Unfortunately, we were still trapped by the six pence. We looked up and saw the moonlight, and lowered our heads to pick up the six pence. It seems that there is nothing bad. There is always a ladder between ideals and reality, and a few brushes are needed. Art is life, life is art.
    The month of the month and the six stools read a wonderful saying. There was a period of debate about whether to keep up in mind. Liu Nan mentioned the book and said, "I did my best, and finally passed. "In an ordinary life", Liu Nan's intention is to say that if a person wants to go forward, he must be motivated. Even if you just want to maintain the status quo, you must use the heart to bless, otherwise you will only retreat. At that time, she felt that she was very reasonable, so I kept remembering to have a chance to read this book.
    It read the complete book, but I didn't find this sentence in the original text. However, this book is really worth seeing. It is said that this is more prototypes. In order to pursue his dream and soul freedom, the protagonist Si Zhu Lan leaves his stable living environment during the middle age. Wandering around, starting with a little white that has no painting skills at all, experienced a lot of hardships in life, finally realized his dream, and also found the destination of the soul. After reading this book, there will be a big attitude reversal. The first half will deeply hate this person. It is selfish, rude, despicable, shameless, and unreasonable. The shock and convinced of the tenacity, this is a person who lives to the extreme. His heart has nothing except his dreams. He has a life, affection, friendship, comfortable life or painful life. Only such talents can achieve great achievements. In real life, there is no one who can not be accepted by the world, so most of us are just ordinary people!
    The story of the book 6 of the month and the six stools.
    Strikland is a very weird person. He has a beautiful and happy family, a successful family, and a good career, but he suddenly leaves the family and wants to go to Paris for painting. This makes his wife feel that he With extramarital affairs.
    It subsequently he was sick in Paris and was helped by friends, but it was very puzzled by his indifferent attitude to my family.
    and later that the people felt that it was red hair, but he was doing one thing firmly from beginning to end, that is, painting. I didn't understand until the end that Strickland was a person full of love for ideals. He loved painting.
    It again, when he died, he made a painting on the wall of his home, legendary masterpiece, but asked his wife to burn it after his death. I don't see how much wealth he has, he just simply enjoy the process of painting.
    From the perspective of the whole book, its perspective is describing what happened outside the outside world, and did not describe the protagonist's inner thoughts and activities, but if you think about it from another angle, you can understand that Strickland's dream and firmness is the firmness of Strickland. It is worthy of our admiration, he chose the moon and persisted to the end.
    It, as the title is said, the moon and the six pence, will you choose the moon or the six pence?
    Muoma and six peculiar scholars. 7 Maim discussed the contradictions and interactions of life and art in the novel. The theme of the escape from the novel is consistent with the pursuit of many people in the West, becoming a popular novel in the 20th century.
    "The novel" The Moon and the Six Pooths "written by Mam with high inspiration is undoubtedly more fabricated than the facts." , Let the family reunite. "Compared with the novel and reality, it can be found that Gao's pursuit of painting has its causal relationship and process development, while Sterikland's departure is very abrupt and too intense. In addition, the author uses fiction The plot and narrative techniques have shaped a so -called pure artist who is not human and unhappy with the fireworks. Compared with Gao Gao's departure, the protagonist Sterrikland's departure is completely inconsistent with the logic of reality, and it is even more incomprehensible to readers. In fact, there are deeper reasons here that can show that Mamm's writing is the purpose of writing. That is the virtual satisfaction of Mamm's desire.
    Is six pence was the smallest unit of British currency at that time. A friend joked with Mam that people often forgot the six pence when they looked up at the moon. , It's a joke. The moon represents the ideal of high height, and the six pence is the representative of reality.
    Mujian and six peculiar princes. 8 I am a common person. Strickland throws a wife and abandoned son. Fortunately, I have to scold.
    did I say a swear words, and I have understood all kinds of evil behaviors of this person.
    I understand, but I do n’t forgive, because I am a common person, a person who lives in the real mud, and has no noble feelings that are not stained. Strickland survived with the help of his friend Strov, but he was extremely disgusted with his appearance and mediocre paintings. This is as unreasonable as the elegant lotusflower hates the mud that nourish himself.
    The truth is always dirty, as well as beauty. When those high -clean people were obsessed with moonlight, I wanted to lower my head to pick up the six pence at their feet. Even though I would be raised to pursue the moonlight, I was scornful, and I would be ridiculed by the people who were busy collecting.
    I did not laugh at them, because everything should not be judged with a moral eyes, so I said that although I do not necessarily agree with anyone's attitude to life, I understand.
    I I am an ordinary person. I have always firmly believed that any ideal should be rooted in reality. First, there is an economic foundation to have more upper buildings.
    It in other words, I tolerate ideals and pursuit of real impurities, because I am not a genius like Strickland, nor a savvy talent like his first lady.
    The people.
    When the month and the six pecular readings read the book 9 re -reading this book, compared to the experience "the six pence, he looked up to see the moon". He constantly put together those plots that forget about the same.
    I was very angry when I read some descriptions in the middle. I think he is really an indifferent and selfish royal egg. After a ridiculous marriage, he ignored the lives of others, and praised men with noble souls, ridicule women just to live in love.
    It, think about it, and he is full of human contradictions, the desire to control the control of love, and the vanity social network. Since there is not much goodness in the world, it should be allowed to resist. If his heart is really trapped, how can he endure this life with his wife's vanity. Thinking of this, he felt that he was really a brave and true idealist. His language reflected that his soul was even more attractive, and he always stood easily.
    The authors rarely make excuses for his indifference and ruthlessness in the book. This seems to be more realistic, and it also makes me reflect on whether I should look at the characters in the book more objectively, and should not take him and my mind. The perfect image of pursuing art is compared.
    But I personally think that Liu Yongjun's translation is better to read.
    Clash when the month and the six stools are read, the author's appetite starts, and the author's appetite begins, and it really seizes the reader's readings. The story is not complicated or ups and downs.
    The book describes Strickland's middle -aged life, and he resolutely left his wife and son in a paper book, but the reason was "just" for drawing. In the process of painting his departure, he disregarded the admonition of all friends around him, faced the evil words to help him, regarded Ende as dust, and he did not know how to cool his blood. Such a "three views" are gritted.
    With the progress of the story, a soul that can be separated from reality and desire is gradually clear and eye -catching, which is not so annoying. Although he died in the disease, even his artistic works are almost left. With a certain mockery of self -eating. The people who seem to be "decent" and "noble" have always cast a hypocritical shadow in the worldly prostitution. This also proves that Strickland's self -transcendence is rare.
    This, despicable and noble, evil and kindness, hatred and love, can really be coexisted in the same heart.
    If these are not enough to explain this transcendent purity? Then no matter what kind of embarrassment of Strickland, how many eyes suffered, he always had no complaints and loss of courage to life. This is enough.
    It what kind of spiritual waves can touch the coast of life in the vortex of the disturbing world.
    I think of chasing the "moon" that is out of reach, and the "six pence" is not stained.
    The moon and the six peculiarity are read 11. You want the moon, but you can give you less than less. ——Rebol
    This said that this title is that he has nothing to do with the theme, but I think the title is so wonderful. In countless choices, do you look up at the moon or bow your head to pick up the six pence. These two options also poke the newsman's chest. Is it ideal or reality?
    Strikland in the book is different from the struggling mortal. He turned to pursue his ideals and never turned back. It can be said that it was ridiculous. A middle -aged uncle, 40 years old, insisted on painting, abandoned an enviable family and a stable job.
    did he care about becoming famous, no, he didn't care at all. All his money was used to draw, and even his physiological desire was disgusted by him. He just wants the tranquility in his heart. He was ridiculed and spurred, but he didn't care about other people's thoughts at all. The news ideal news is true. What is the thing that the news person hangs on his mouth, which one can pat the breast to ensure that it is absolutely done? The first choice of this road rely on the ideal, but it requires bread after support. So, will it be compromised to life in the end, but this book is to tell you that you can resist life.
    I I think if his paintings are not famous after Strickland's death, then it is a tragedy, but even if he becomes noticeable painter after his death, the fire he arranged by him was burn out. All his paintings are still a tragedy. All possible handed down classics are destined to be annihilated, but he doesn't care about the evaluation of the world.
    It in the book I like this most.
    "I always feel that most people have a disadvantage of life like this. I admit the social value of this kind of life, and I also see its orderly happiness, but in my blood, there is a strong kind of strong in my blood. The desire to desire is a more wild journey. My heart is longing for a more thrilling life. "
    The we want to be a journalist, we are more lonely and brave in the moonlight.
    Moon and six stools after reading it 12 hours after reading it for 12 hours that when people grow up, they will start talking about their dreams. Later, when I grew up, I found that people were more missed when they were young. I thought that people would only be confused during adolescence. It was because everyone found a dream and slowly found out that everyone was used to life.
    The people should be persecuted by everyone in their hearts. It is no wonder we, in our opinion, dreams are daydreams.
    people always have to eat. Use labor to exchange food easier to produce food directly, so that we can save time to do things we like. In order to save more time, we need to spend more time to skilled skills. So we fell into this strange circle. Fortunately, we can also reproduce offspring, continue what we can't finish, and then continue to correct them to move forward in the established direction. Life may be like this. People who do not work for dinner are very shameless.
    I hate Strick in Mam's pen. He is too ruthless and he hurts so many people who love him.
    The leading actor in the book is Paul. High is more prototype, and Paul. High more humanity is more humane than the actor's life.
    So everything is the author's idea, Strickland is just a pure dream incarnation. Well, there is never such a person in the world.
    The people who dream of dreams may be named or not; but it will not be understood by most people. This is probably the greatest Xingqing and sadness in human society.
    "Although thousands of people, I went to the same", "I felt Yangzhou Dream in ten years, and I lived up to the name of the Qinglou Bo Xing Xing" "I forbearing the name, changed the light singing"
    13 Great artists are lunatic.
    classic idealism and reality confrontation
    From the perspective of the vulgar perspective, Sizhulan is a proper "scum man". He is irresponsible to the family. , Throwing a wife and abandoning son, the ex -wife had to go out to work. Although the work of doing work, at that time, it was not what a decent wife needed to do. He has hurt many women and does not care about their death. He just hopes that they will solve his physiological needs and give him a model. Other time is far away from him. As a secular woman, I really don't quite understand why a woman is willing to pay for such a rejection. Only the prodigal sons dumped in my heart. After he agreed with her to stay, she even kissed his ankle. Or because he ended his life, even if he did not have any psychological changes at all.
    Mat the artists aren't it like this? Except for beauty in his head, there is nothing else, fame and fortune woman, he doesn't care. Don't care about the real world, just want the ideal beauty. What about throwing his wife and abandon, what about committing suicide for him, what about him who takes care of him. Except for painting, everything could not be ripple in his heart. Even before death, the final painting was required. It is enough to draw in his heart, and no one needs to see it. It is not important at all fame and fortune, and the recognition and praise of others are not attentive. Only painting, only the moon in my heart.
    The people can still use vulgar standards to look at him. What ethics, he even disdain how others think of him.
    The only one round of bright moon, and the six pence used to buy paint.
    Mu month before reading and six stools, I felt that I hadn't read books for a long time before reading, and I didn't want to give up such a good habit like this. Therefore, the 12 yuan used to be used to Chongyun Music members per month was canceled, and it changed to Kindle's unlimited. Then I chose one casually and chose this book. When I first watched it, I didn't feel like a novel. The author, like Mr. Lu Xun's novels, depicts the protagonist's toss and legendary life from the perspective of a bystander "I". After reading it, I had a very complicated feeling at the time, because I didn't want this to disappear in the future life and work, and I wanted to write it here.
    The author's name is called "Moon and Six Pooths" because the comments in his previous work have such a sentence "Many people can see the moon in heaven, but you can't see the feet at his feet. Six poinners. Then I used this to make the title of this book. But I think what this novel wants to say is not high or low. It represents the pursuit of different people. This pursuit itself is not high and low. As the captain in the book says, he and the protagonist are pursuing "beauty", but the way is different. The protagonist uses the way of painting with painting, and he uses the way of life. Just like Zhuangzi's thoughts interpreted by Mr. Yi Zhongtian.
    Because I usually work overtime, I have to accompany my wife and children on the weekend.

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