2 thoughts on “How long can MMM survive in China”

  1. Theoretically, the government has begun to take action shortly.
    This, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Bank of China, and the General Administration of Industry and Commerce reminds:
    The recently appeared in China in many places in China based on the name of "financial mutual assistance", promising high returns to seduce the public to invest in funds. Its main characteristics include;
    1. There are many names. Common are: "XX Financial Mutual Assistance Community", "XX Financial Mutual Aid Platform", "XX Financial Mutual Fortune", "XX Charity Financial Mutual Assistance Platform", "XX Financial Mutual Assistance Investment", "XX Mutual Assistance Community", "XX Fortune Mutual Assistance Platform "and so on.
    . The development is rapid. Relying on the Internet, public publicity is publicly publicized through platforms, blogs, WeChat, QQ and other platforms.
    three, strong confusion. Some of them goal with the banner of "overseas celebrities", claiming that "destroying the unpopular world financial system, breaking the control of the financial family, and creating a community of ordinary people", by establishing the so -called "fair, fair, mutually beneficial, and honest people to help others finance "Platform" allows the public to help others to get more help from others. At the same time, "after market inspection, it has been mature in many countries for many years, with hundreds of millions of members worldwide" and so on.
    . Fourth, strong temptation. Proclaimed low investment thresholds, short cycles, and high returns. For example, after the free registration, the investment is 60 yuan to 60,000 yuan, which can be withdrawn for 15 days. The daily income is 1%, the monthly income is 30%, the annual income is 23 times, and there is no handling fee. In addition, participants can also receive additional revenue such as the recommendation of the recommendation award (10%of the offline investment) and the management award (determine the corresponding proportion according to the membership level).
    five, strong concealment. Most of them are remotely controlled by overseas personnel. Investment funds are often transferred through personal bank accounts online banking or through third -party payment platforms.
    The operating models violate the laws of value, and it is difficult to maintain capital for a long time. Once the capital chain breaks, investors will face serious losses. The general public is requested to effectively raise awareness of risk, invest and investigate rationally, and prevent damage to interests. At the same time, the clues of illegal crimes can be actively reported to the relevant departments.
    This Bitcoin House Network and many popular mainstream media have reported similar virtual currency pyramid schemes.

  2. 3M is periodic and vitality. The most important thing to do is to see the market and see the market. Why do some people make money and some people lose. Hope to adopt.

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