4 thoughts on “What is the difference between paper silver and silver TD?”

  1. 1. Paper silver
    "Paper Silver" is a personal voucher -type silver. It is a new precious metal investment variety after the gold of the mainland. Grasp the trend of international silver low suction and high throw, and earn the volatility difference of silver prices. Investors' trading transactions are only reflected in the "silver account" pre -opened in the individual, and there is no physical extraction and delivery.
    . Silver TD
    The silver T D refers to the delay of silver delay transactions. It is a unique transaction variety launched by the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The mechanism, only 20%of the margin is required to operate
    and it is a two -way operation (you can buy up, buy and fall), buy, and sell (no time limit) n10 hours of transaction mechanism The disk is suitable for office workers)
    The silver spot can be "bought in advance" or "pre -sale". At the same time, investors can choose the contract to deliver the contract on the day, or to choose a certain extension of the settlement.
    It you can communicate with me if you want to invest.

  2. Paper silver, like stocks, can only buy up. There is no leveraged ratio, it belongs to the bank sitting Zhuang,
    The silver TD is a two -way transaction. There are ten hours of trading time every day, and the funds are stored in the bank.

  3. The platform launched is different. Paper silver is the investment variety of banks, and silver TD is the investment variety of Shanghai Gold Exchange.
    The margin is different. R nThe charge for handling fees is very convenient. Paper and silver are paid. TD is charged according to the transaction amount. TD's handling fee is relatively half silver.

  4. Gold and Silver T D: You can buy up and down, you can make money regardless of the rise and fall; you can buy and sell on the same day, or it can be held for a long time. n wants to do gold and silver T D, go to the postal bank, SPD Bank, Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank or Construction Bank to run online banking, it is the best. Go home to log in to online banking online to open gold silver T D, but you are in you When you open it, enter our institutional number, the transaction fee can be reduced (40,000ths of 10,000, and the Pacific Warehouse is free). At the same time, it provides a quotation guidance. Fees are the most critical! The price of gold and silver is the most affected by the European and American economic indicators and international turmoil (such as the unemployment rate, interest rate, inflation rate, turmoil, war, etc.), so I usually pay attention to international news and comprehensively analyze the price trend. I started doing this in 2009. Now I can better grasp the market trend of this market

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