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  1. The premium refers to the different quotation methods of international silver and silver TD. The former is the quotation of the US dollar to ounces, and the latter is the price of the RMB -kg -after the current exchange rate is converted, the difference between the two prices is the price of the premium silver TD price -In international spot prices, the price of silver TD follows the price of London silver, because domestic traders will refer to the price of London silver as a transaction TD price different from the price of London silver, so the premium is generated. Premium. He often does not integrate with international gold prices.
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  2. The price difference between international silver price conversion is the so -called premium
    Golden silver T D: You can buy up and down, you can make money regardless of the rise and fall; 11%of funds can be invested in full, with high funds high
    It to make gold and silver T D, and go to the Construction Bank, Post Bank, SPD Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Minsheng Bank or Ping An Bank to run online banking. Well, go home online and log in to the Internet bank to open the gold and silver T D, but you enter our institution number when you open it. The transaction fee can be reduced (40,000 per thousand, and the current position is free). At the same time Guidance, want to do a good job of gold and silver T D: The direction of the price trend, mentality and low fees are the most critical! The price of gold and silver is the most affected by the European and American economic indicators and international turmoil (such as the unemployment rate, interest rate, inflation rate, turmoil, war, etc.), so we usually pay attention to international news and comprehensively analyze the price trend! Hope

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