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  1. Hello! The biggest difference between Audi Q3 and Audi Q3 is in terms of design. Compared with the Audi Q3, Q3 coupe appearance is more streamlined. The front face uses a honeycomb mesh, with the front surrounds of the S-line sports kit, around the grille surrounding the grille The silver chrome trim is also embellished, and the matrix LED light group also drives dynamic effects and is very fashionable.
    The interior part, the 12.3 -inch LCD instrument is clear and rich in content, which can project the map inside the instrument to achieve a true virtual cockpit, and there are three different layouts to choose from; in addition, the Audi Q3 The whole coupe is equipped with an environmental atmosphere light and the seat on the seat. The ingredients are mixed and spliced ​​with leather and Alcantara. The design and texture are not selected.

  2. In fact, it is recommended that you go to the 4S shop to test drive, because Q3 coupe and Q3 are not a type, Q3 coupe is a cross -border SUV, the appearance looks more sporty, and the back -line type is more obvious, so the rear space should sit in the background space. There is no Q3 head space, but the power of Q3 coupe data is greater than Q3. It is more mainly depends on personal preferences.

  3. Q3 The appearance of the coupe is very fashionable, the roof shape of the big back, the body feels lower and longer, the roof line is very smooth, the sports car -like diagonal corner tail shape, and the matrix headlights are full of sporty sense. It's more stable, you can go to the store to see which one you prefer more

  4. Judging from the name, this car is the Q3 coupe version, but for Audi, Sportback often means more. Q3 Sportback comes from the TT off -road concept car at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show. It is the same as the second -generation Q3 MQB platform and produced in Jor in Hungary. Its body length is 4.5 meters, which is 3 cm lower than the ordinary version of Q3. In addition, it is inspired by the sharp tail of the sports car.
    I. As a new Q3 coupe version, the front face part of Q3 Sportback is exactly the same as the new Q3, including the LED front headlight group of the same shape, the hexagonal grille, the S-Line front surround, etc., it looks very very very very very very very very very very very very very. familiar. In terms of details, it adopts large -sized hexagonal honeycomb grille, and the edge trim is embellished with black, combined with the sharp headlights on both sides and the large -sized three -stage air intake port below. More stronger.
    It comes to the side part, we can clearly see the difference between Q3 Sportback compared to the new Q3. In the roof and C -pillar, the Q3 Sportback uses a slip -back body trend. The low and tilted rear roof and C -pillar brings more dynamic lines, creating a dive attitude.
    In the rear part, what we can see is the more inclined tail window and the slightly prominent "trunk lid" (actually a hatchback design), creating the visual effect of the coupe SUV. In addition, the LED taillight set of Q3 Sportback is the same as the new Q3, but the design of the radiator at the back -siege is more aggressive than Q3.
    For an Audi, the impeccable interior is almost right, and of course it is no exception here in Q3 Sportback. Its center console is particularly popular, and its surface treatment process and assembly are very fine. The digital instrument panel is provided as a standard configuration, but the size is only 10.3 inches -if you want to get a 12.3 -inch digital instrument panel, you need to increase the price of 290 euros (about 2250 yuan). The information and entertainment system with touch screens also belongs to high -tech products. It has a clear display and rapid response. Like the dual -zone automatic air -conditioning control panel, it is slightly turning to the driver's side. This system allows you to manage various functions conveniently, but some functions require additional payment, such as Apple Carplay and Android Auto prices of 650 euros (about 5050 yuan).
    On the curve, this new cross -border SUV is very flexible and has good chassis and steering characteristics. Compared with the ordinary version of Q3, its movement attributes have been strengthened. What we want to examine is that Q3 Sportback is the most interesting member of this family? The answer is yes, although it is an SUV that needs to be burned with extra weight after all. But in contrast, the steering of Q3 Sportback is even more intensive, and in its ideal use environment, the city, a unique design is enough to make people forget it.

  5. The body of the Audi Q3 coupe was 23mm longer than Q3, the roof height was reduced by 43mm, and the shoulder line was lower.
    It from the shape of the car, it can be seen that Q3 coupe is younger.
    Is to help you.

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