1 thought on “How about buying a new forces and wanting to buy a green card Audi Q3 plug -in version?”

  1. The shaking number is far away, and there is an environment in which electric vehicles have used. Many people in many card restricted cities face such problems. There are still many incomplete places at this stage of electric vehicles. It is still not as convenient as traditional fuel vehicles, so plug -in hybrids have become their choice in their folding. Recently, the Audi Q3 plug -in version was officially released. The new car launched the two models of ordinary and coupe versions. The design is consistent with the fuel version. The power is equipped with a 1.4T plug -in assembly to achieve a pure electric battery life of 61km. This car is currently released overseas and will be officially launched in January next year. Among them, the Q345TFSIE is priced at 46,000 euros (equivalent to RMB 365,200), Q3Sportback45TFSIE is priced at 47400 euros (equivalent to RMB 376,300).
    If, according to the current open attitude of new sources of new sources, the Audi Q3 plug -in version is very likely to introduce domestic sales, so for consumers who do not want to buy new forces and want to green cards, another choice Essence
    The new car provides ordinary version and SPORTBACK version options. For young consumers, the choice is still rich enough. The new car is designed to be consistent with the ordinary version of the Audi Q3, but the charging socket is added.
    In interior, the new car is also consistent with the design of the fuel version. It adopts the Audi virtual cockpit and is equipped with a 8.8 -inch central control LCD screen 10.25 -inch full LCD instrument. The luxurious atmosphere in the car is also quite in place. For consumers who like luxury brands, they will not be disappointed.
    It in power, the new car is equipped with EA2111.4T turbocharged engine motor plug -in hybrid power assembly. The maximum power of the engine is 150PS and the comprehensive power is 245ps. In terms of battery, the new car is equipped with a 13.0kWh lithium -ion battery pack, and 61km pure electric battery life can be achieved under NEDC. Pure electricity in daily urban areas can be easily completed, and long -distance travel, it can go away like ordinary fuel vehicles.
    This from the authors of the car home car, does not represent the point of view of the car home.

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