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  1. You can refer to the following aspects.
    1. Bitcoin does not need to be permitted.
    The opposite of government officials and media wants you to believe that Bitcoin will never collapse and will not be banned by the government. In fact, when other currency experience depreciates incredible, Bitcoin is likely to still exist and continue to strengthen.
    The use of Bitcoin does not require government, financial institutions, banks and international organizations. Digital cryptocurrencies can be used freely, and there are absolutely no rules such as other currencies.
    2, it will never be controlled.
    Is know that the money on your bank account is sometimes confiscated for various reasons. For example, a creditor can easily confiscate your money, if he has a judgment that is not good for you. With Bitcoin, this will never happen because Bitcoin will never be confiscated.
    News, neither creditor nor others can confiscate your Bitcoin, because you have this digital cryptocurrency. But the money you borrowed from the bank is not like this. These money may be in your hands for a while, and you will take it out of your bank account in a while.
    3, the supply of Bitcoin is limited. One of the reasons why Bitcoin mining becomes more difficult is that the supply of Bitcoin is limited. When all Bitcoin is created, the number of them will be 21 million, and there will be no more currency.
    This means that those who have Bitcoin can definitely determine their value, because Bitcoin can predict, and speculators cannot affect their value. In the case of the central bank's continuous printing, the current currency is constantly depreciating, but Bitcoin is very scarce.
    4, convenient and fast use.
    one of the biggest selling points of Bitcoin is that this currency is very easy to use, and people who use it can almost complete the transaction immediately. This is because all Bitcoin transactions are dotted transfers, as Nakamoto wrote in his white paper, which is one of the basic principles of Bitcoin.
    VISA, PayPal, and MasterCad () and other central payment networks will collect a certain fee from customers when they trade in customers. This is not the case for Bitcoin, because it does not charge any fees in most cases, even if it is charged, the cost is very low.
    5, anonymous currency.
    . Another advantage of Bitcoin is that you can completely anonymous when using Bitcoin for transactions. If you use it properly, this currency can keep you away from the government because it does not require users to provide names, emails, social insurance numbers and other sensitive information

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