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  1. The method of obtaining the experience value of the chain letter is as follows:
    1. Inviting newcomers to register and certification can increase 50 experience.
    2. Open and complete a primary task to increase 10 experiences.
    3. Participating in the platform can also obtain experience value.
    Chainxin is a mobile Internet social platform developed based on blockchain technology developed by Chongqing Cangzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd. Lianxin is second only to fun this year. Compared with the fun steps and running tasks, it is becoming more and more difficult. The daily tasks of Chain Xin can basically be done in 10 seconds. And the chain letter claims to be a real blockchain project with its own virtual currency and wallet, which can be traded with USDT. Based on the incentive mechanism of Quark Blockchain, the chain APP makes users' social interaction value. At the same time, users can obtain the corresponding amount of candy reward redeem revenue by inviting friends and completing the designated task.
    In more about how the chain letter obtains experience value, enter: m./ask/? ZD view more content

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